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Hot Pepper and Wild Garlic
Green pepper/Onion/Garlic/Ginger>>
Hot Pepper

The hotness of Omi!

Use the hotness of Omi to make delicious spicy dishes~

Omis sun-dried hot peppers are naturally grown and finely dried in fall to preserve their red color and spicy taste.  Make your Kimchi with quality sun-dried hot peppers of Omi Village.

Wild Garlic

If you want to know what wild garlic is, you should taste Omi Villages wild garlic.

Wild garlic is a bush that grows in moldy soils of deep woods.

Wild garlic is not only tasty but also healthy!!

Omis wild garlic represents the sweet taste out of the five tastes of Omi Village.

Since it is sweet, you can even eat it raw.  
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Hot Pepper and Wild Garlic
Green pepper/Onion/Garlic/Ginger>>
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