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Seodu Village

The nation's ginger cultivation originated from the Wanju area and was gradually expanded to other areas in Korea.
It is known that the Seosan area started to cultivate ginger only after 1930. 3-4 years
of a crop rotation is recommended for growing ginger. For multiple cultivation,
make sure it does not exceed 2-3 years, otherwise, crop yields will drop sharply due to disease and harmful insects.
Currently the cultivation area includes nearby Iksan, Kimje, Jeongeup and Namwon. With its environmental condition, dugouts in Bongdong are utilized as a storage place of ginger produced in such areas.

Efficacy and Contact Information 
The medical efficacy of ginger can be found in Chinese medical books of 2000 years ago. Almost 50% of the herbal medicines include ginger in its prescription. It is called by several names depending on the processing procedure: steamed or boiled ginger is dried to make Geonkang (dried ginger); roasted ginger is dried to make Heukang (black ginger); and there is Saengkang (raw ginger). It is used to remove fish-like odors or taste, to eliminate vomiting, to improve a deteriorated metabolism (Geonkang), and to cure coughing, dizziness, lumbago, diarrhea, etc.
-  Contact: Seodu Ginger Growing Association

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