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[ Green pepper/Onion/Garlic/Ginger ]
Guksagol - Garlic
Hanwooltari village in Bukdong-ri has been famous for excellent quality garlic in Yeongdong area with the soil rich in lime and the nature of soil of superior elements, presently we form farmers' orga...
[Muan Yaksil_Onion]
Onion has warm property, no toxicity and hot flavor. Also, due to its abundance of medical substances, it has high usage value as the ingredient of recipes, easy to cultivate and can be easily preserv...
[seven_Agricultural produce introduction_Vegetables]
Addition to Gwesan being a 250m above sea level and a remote high cold land where the temperature difference between day and night is big, its heaven blessed conditions produce Gwesan Chunggul red pep...
[Dry chili peppers]
Sokdong Tideland Village produces lots of chili peppers because it has good sunlight and soil quality. Every year, over 500 tons of chili peppers are produced in the village,
Byuljubu Village produces over 57 tons of garlic, and the six-clove garlic of Taean grows under the sea breeze of Taean peninsula. In the winter warm wind blows to help the development of the roots, a...
[Selenium garlic]
- Selenium garlic, produced in Goheung Sin-gi Turtle Village that has clean natural environment and high-quality soil, are carefully selected high-quality selenium garlic. Especially the garlic contai...
Garlic even appears in the Mythology of Dangun because it is very helpful to the human body. It purifies our intestines and removes impurities from our bodies.
[Euiseong garlic]
Euiseong garlic is a quality species of garlic for the cold regions and has improved the native species of Euiseong for the local climate and soil.
[Hot Pepper and Wild Garlic]
Omi’s sun-dried hot peppers are naturally grown and finely dried in fall to preserve their red color and spicy taste.
Garlic even appears in the Mythology of Dangun because it is very helpful to the human body. It purifies our intestines and removes impurities from our bodies.
[Six-clove Garlic]
Characteristics of Taean Six-clove Garlic Taean’s cool oceanic climate is good for garlic’s taste and long shelf life. The seeds are gathered in a virus-free island (Gaui Island). Every year, garli...
[Yellow Earth Garlic]
We produce over 25% of all garlic produced in Danyang and our garlic is six-clove garlic from cold region and is uniquely spicy and firm as it is cultivated in limestone and yellow earth. It has grea...
[Yellow-earth Onions]
As about 16% of onions produced in Korea are produced in Muan, the scale of cultivation and production is largest in Korea.
Yeosan onion is cultivated in most suitable climates and soils to have firm texture and outstanding storability.
[Spring Onion]
Spring onion is cultivated nationwide, but Jindo spring onion is characterized by how it floats in broth.
[Green pepper/Onion/Garlic/Ginger]
Grown in clean environment, garlic of Namhae has strong original scent, richly grown contents and long storage period for the best quality in Korea. If you ingest a certain quantity, they sterilize y...
[Hwasan onions]
Along with garlic, onions have longest history and the evidence of using onions for eating in Egypt of B.C. 4000 is recorded on a mural of an old tomb.
[Healthy Geumdangsil garlic]
They are produced in scenic Yechun Geumdangsil. We are producing honey taking into consideration the fact that they are all our family.
[Mosan Onion]
The main element of Mosan onions, pectin, melts cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebral apoplexy, and etc, and furthermore, not only the prevention of t...
[Gimnyeong Haenyeo Village's Onion]
Onion has an effect for reducing invaluable fat and cholesterol in human’s blood. Therefore, onion has a superior effect for protecting and curing arteriosclerosis and hyperlipemia.
[Chang So Shallot ]
Shallot is perennial herb between lily and vegetable. We do not know the exact date Korean start producing it but assume it will be before the Ko Ry Dynasty, and essential ingredient to cook Korean f...
[Hampyeong Garlic]
As the garlic produced in Hampyeong, the blue belt area, is cultivated in marine weather and on the rich soil, it has a great quantity of germanium. It has high quality with excellent storage life. Th...
[Seodu Village's Ginger]
The nation's ginger cultivation originated from the Wanju area and was gradually expanded to other areas in Korea. It is known that the Seosan area started to cultivate ginger only after 1930. 3-4 y...
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