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* White King Oyster Mushroom
Mushrooms have been widely used as food and medicine both in the East and the West due to their unique taste and flavors.
As mushrooms cultivation greatly improved and their nutrients and values are unveiled, we are seeing an increase in the market demand.  Mushrooms are 70∼95% water and the rest is organic and inorganic substances, such as amino acids, various vitamins (B₂, D) and enzymes.  Mushrooms are being recognized as healthy alkali foods comparable to vegetables.
White King Oyster Mushroom has a very dense tissue which makes it chewy.  It is similar to wild Matsutake Mushroom in taste and nutritionally abundant in vitamin C and various essential amino acids. Surokgol Village’s environmentally-friendly mushrooms have enhanced efficiency and economic values through the use of a top-down mobile cultivator and a quality cultivation system to extend the storage and shelf life by more than 15 days.
Also, we systemized the low-temperature cultivation system to produce quality functional mushrooms.  Currently, we produce quality raw-edible mini Matsutake Mushroom, pine-infused White King Oyster Mushroom, and germanium-enhanced White King Oyster Mushroom.  We use special distribution routes to distinguish our brand from other brands in department stores.

* Oyster Mushroom
Oyster Mushroom is used in soups and casseroles, or can be boiled to make condiments.  Today, Oyster Mushroom is mainly cultivated manually.  Its nutrients are equally good for growing children and adults.  Our Oyster Mushroom is thick and resilient with shiny surfaces and even sizes. It is also fresh, flavorful, and tender.


* Enoki Mushroom
With its tasty flavor and color, Enoki Mushroom is widely favored by everyone.  It is chewy and soft in soybean soup and makes an excellent stir-fry dish when mixed with beef.
As more and more people prefer natural foods, Surokgol Village is cultivating mushrooms in bottles with sawdust inside low-temperature rooms.  With our efficient and economical technique, we can produce quality Enoki Mushroom throughout the year. Cultivation process includes insertion in bottles, sterilization, insertion, cultivation, germination, suppression, growth, etc and takes about 55 to 60 days.

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