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Sadam Dongchon Village
Pyogo Mushroom

It is classified as Basidiomycota agaric mushroom or Song-I mushroom.

It is one of the most common mushrooms. It is spread from East to Southeast Asia. In addition, it is also distributed in New Guinea and New Zealand on the southern hemisphere. Usually, it is generated from fallen trees, broad-leaf trees such as buckwheat cone pine, or oak. But it is occasionally generated from needle trees such as pine and cryptomeria.

The mushroom is composed of propagation organ, mycelium and fruit body. Mycelium belongs to the root, stem, and leaf of higher forms of animals, and fruit body is equivalent to a flower.
We may think the fruit body is everything of mushroom, but in fact, the generation of fruit body is extremely rapid. For most of the year, nypha, which is fine threads, grows in the organism such as old tree.

In fact, nypha makes the way under soil and hard tree roots and absorbs complicated matter and changes and gets energy needed for growth.
Mycelium, a secondary bundle of nypha has more solid form, entangled by nypha. Therefore, it protects from outside stimulus underground.

When mycelium grows sufficiently and suitable environmental conditions for propagation exist, mushroom fruit body sprouts from the mycelium here and there. When it rains the fruit body puts forth buds suddenly and we can find it.

Mushroom, which doesn't have chloroplast unlike other plants, cannot make the needed nutrition factors by carbon dioxide assimilation. So, Pyogo mushroom belongs to pine nuts because it absorbs nutrition in the standing old tree and sweet gum tree.

Pine nuts mushroom, which belongs to the same species of pyogo, is famous. But, some scholars differentiate two things because Pine nuts mushroom makes the color of wood brown, and Pyogo makes the color of wood white.

Natural Songi

The size of Songi is large and it has special flavor. Its taste is distinctive and admitted as the best quality mushroom.

It lives on the root of a pine tree. It has natural and distinctive flavor.
In the medical book, named "Dongybogam" of Hoe jun, it is written that "its ingredients are even and flavor is sweet. It doesn't have toxins and flavor is distinctive. It comes out under the aged pine tree and has the spirit of the pine tree. So, it is the best of mushrooms.

Its scientific name is "Tricholoma matusutake Sing" and its English name is pine-mushroom and sometimes, it is called "Matsutake", from Japanese.

Its Japanese name is Matsutake and its Chinese name is Songuma. It is the oriental mushroom which grows in Japan, Manju, Sachonsung, Unnamsung, and Tiwan including Korea.

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