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Pleurotus ostreatus

Story of Mushrooms

Pleurotus ostreatus
High Quality Pleurotus ostreatus maintain high quality and freshness longer as they are harvested all at once.
The direct cultivation and harvesting guarantee the high quality and they are also distributed directly at low prices.
Also, Pleurotus ostreatus is made high quality with the clean waters and airs from Duryun Mountains.  In order to produce superior quality mushrooms, we invite renowned instructors every year.  Also, the Producers’ Committee’s self-education sessions and other efforts of the members are devoted to produce premium mushrooms recognized by the consumers.  
■ Selecting good Pleurotus ostreatus
   - Original color and shiny surface
   - Even length of stems and size of heads with 10% or less irregulars
   - Even the thick heads maintaining their original shapes
   - Fresh and resilient with strong original scent and soft flesh
   - No defects (disease, physical damage, malformation, pollution) or alien materials
■ Common Medical Efficacies of Pleurotus ostreatus 
They greatly enhance lower backache treatment, hands or feet paralysis remedy, adult disease prevention, cancer or erythrocyte hemolysis prevention, anti-virus activities, low blood pressure and allergy repression.  Also, its vitamin contents, amino acids and enzymes reduce the cholesterol level in the blood and act as carcinostatis substances.  

Pleurotus eryngii
    Selecting good Pleurotus eryngii
    Evenly sized pieces with 5% or less irregulars
    Stably contacting head and stem  
    Thick, hard and resilient flesh
    Strong original colors
    No wrinkled surface
    The length of the stem not exceeding the diameter of the head with clean cuts
    No defects (diseases, physical damages, malformation) 

Shiitake, the loyalty of home and restaurant tables, are cultivated in the clean environments of deep mountains and are recognized as pollution-free food.   Shiitake produced in Haenam Duryun Smurf Village contain protein, soluble nitric minerals and fibers.  It also contains Lentinan, the carcinostatis substances of shiitake, pine-nuts and other mushrooms.  Shiitake has been used in homes as chemical seasoning for a long time.  Shiitake prevent adult diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and arterial sclerosis and is especially proven to repress the spread of cancer cells.  It is a good source of Vitamin B.  It also is a low-calorie health food containing minerals and dietary fibers.  Its Eritadenine content enhances the movements of cholesterol and discharges them.   

It is “the mushroom of Sun” Naturally growing in a long-life mountainous region of Piedade about 200km away from San Paolo, the capital of Brazil.  It was scientifically named 'Agaricus Brazei Munil' by a Belgian Dr. Heinemann in 1967 and started to be analyzed ecologically and nutritionally.    This type of mushroom highly contains polysaccharide such as Beta-glucan, Alpha-glucan, Galacto-glucan, Xyle-glucan and Protein-glucan that are essential for strengthening the immunity of humans and it a good source of Vitamins B and D.  Known as carcinostatis mushroom, the research center studied Agaricus for a long time and developed Korean-type Sinryeong #1 for the farms to produce.  As its efficacies have been proven by Dr. Mizuno of Tohoku University, Japan, it is greatly popularized in Japan and former US president “Reagan” also ate it.    

Efficacies of Agaricus
     - Carcinostatis activities
     - Enhancement of immunity and anti-infections
     - Strengthens heart                       
     - Enhances blood circulation
     - Reduces cholesterol     
     - Improves Alzheimer’s disease
     - Prevents overeating
     - Prevents obesity  

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