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[ Mushroom ]
[Shiitake Mushroom ]
It is one of the mushrooms we eat most which is classified as Basidiomycetes Pleurotaceae Lentinus or Tricholomataceae.
[Phellinus lintus ]
Also called muddy lignum mushroom in Korean, Phellinus lintus is noted as the mushroom that grows on mulberry trees in Donguibogam.
[Shiitake Mushroom]
Shiitake mushroom grows on broad-leaved trees, such as oaks, chestnut trees, and Carpinus laxiflora, in spring, summer, and fall.
[Shiitake Mushroom]
Shiitake mushroom grows on the trunks of broad-leaved trees (oak, Konara oak, or beech). It is the most largely grown kind of mushroom in Korea and a large portion is cultivated in Bugok 1000top Vill...
[Natural Pine Mushroom]
Natural pine mushroom begins to sprout at the beginning of fall, in early September, and is available for gathering all the way until mid-October.
[Songi Mushroom]
Songi mushroom naturally grows in pine forest in fall. It is a purely native food with good taste and flavors.
[Songi Mushroom]
Songi mushroom consists of a hat-shaped top that is 8-20cm in diameter and a 10cm-long stem.
[Shiitake Mushroom]
Grown with cool breeze and morning dew, Shiitake mushroom is a quality healthy food with a thick cap, clear colors, and good flavor. It is often called the meat of the mountains.
Mushrooms have been widely used as food and medicine both in the East and the West due to their unique taste and flavors.
[Jangnoesam (Wild cultivated ginseng) and Shiitake mushrooms]
[Shiitake mushrooms]
Shiitake mushrooms, which are a popular health food, are good for reducing cholesterol, fighting cancer, and fighting germs.
[Shindo Button Mushrooms]
The button mushrooms produced in Shindo are greatly rich in flavor. They are high in protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals. They also contain carcinostatic substances...
[White King Oyster Mushrooms]
Containing the unique pine-scent of Tricholoma matsutake (button mushrooms), it was named White King Oyster Mushrooms.
> Characters - Environmentally-friendly farm produce with chemical-free certification - High-quality mushroom using a unique culture medium - Cultivation in distinctive and modern facilities
Yeonpung mushrooms are grown in the decomposed granite soil in Mt. Joryeong and have less water content and enhanced flavors than other mushrooms. Therefore, they can be stored and stay chewy for a l...
[Agaric Mushroom]
Agaric mushrooms are very chewy and contain amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients. It has substances that the human body uses to reduce cholesterol, and also to fight cancer. For these re...
[Shiitake Mushroom]
Shiitake mushroom It is generated in broad-leaves trees such as oak trees, chestnuts, Carpinus laxiflora etc. over spring, summer and fall. The diameter of the hat is 6∼10cm, the surface is brown, ...
[Julok Village Specialty market - Shiitake mushrooms]
For special products, there are Shiitake mushrooms, melons, sweet potato, and potato and cucumbers, zucchinis, egg plants, hot peppers, peanuts, and corns are grown organically and used for farm exper...
The shiitake of Jangsu Star Village is pure food as it is produced in the superior environments of clean highlands and using clean groundwater.
[mul tong gol mushrooms]
Gurim Multonggol Village that treasures the mysteriousness of mushrooms uses automated cultivation and devoted procedures of each villager to add deeper taste and scent. Ganoderma lucidum and Pleurot...
[Shiitake Mushrooms]
Shiitake that is renowned as a healthy food is a low-calorie food with dietary fibers and is good for preventing adult diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. In particular, Paju Wild Grape Vill...
[Shiitake Mushroom]
Shiitake Mushroom that is classified into Agaricuss subfunereus is one of the most popular mushrooms in Korea. They grow from Eastern Asia to Southeastern Asia and also in New Guinea and New Zealand ...
[Okjeongho mushrooms]
Among many specialties of our village, mushrooms, young deer antlers, hemps and persimmon vinegars are systematically managed and tried to be produced as close to the nature as possible by the produce...
[Asan’s Pleurotus astreatus]
Asan’s Pleurotus astreatus is cultivated organically in suitable natural and pollution-free environment for high quality. Therefore, they are widely favored by the consumers.
[Pleurotus ostreatus]
High Quality Pleurotus ostreatus maintain high quality and freshness longer as they are harvested all at once. The direct cultivation and harvesting guarantee the high quality and they are also distr...
[Songchoen mushrooms ]
Songcheon Village’s mushrooms are the major specialty of our village well-known for their high quality.
[Gaya Mountains Pleurotus ostreatus]
Gaya Mountains Pleurotus ostreatus are pollution free mushrooms produced in Gaya Mountains’ Baekun-ri that is about 500m above sea level. Pleurotus ostreatus are produced only by humidity control wit...
[Tricholoma Matsutake..]
Premium natural mushrooms with the spirits of pines! The epicures say that Golden Meat Natural Tricholoma Matsutake of the mountains is the best! However, Natural Tricholoma Matsutake, the mysteriou...
[Ganoderma Mushrooms]
Tomatoes have very easy-growing and highly-absorbing roots for a type of vegetables that they can be cultivated for a long time. Without severe coldness such as frosts or below-zero temperatures, the...
Inje produces about 30tons of natural Tricholoma Matsutake every year, although the quantity varies according to climates and temperatures. Its mushrooms are great in taste and scent with high qualit...
[Sobacksansanchon ]
] It is a healthy food grown on the pollution-free oak trees of Sobaek Mountains valleys. As they are reported to be mysteriously and valuably great for carcinostatic activities, adult diseases, arte...
[Pleurotus eryngii ]
It is ideal to chop them, boil them slightly and dip them in vinegar pepper paste. They can offer special taste when harmonized with Korean BBQ.
[Neowa Village]
Song-I Mushroom is one of the anti-pollution foods and it is famous for curing the diseases.The other normal mushrooms are being supplied the carbohydrate from dead wood but the Song-I mushroom is bei...
[Baekdam Village]
Songi mushroom is almost chemical free forest product, whchi refuses to cultivate artificially.Among them, natural songi mushroon in Baekdam Village has good taste and scent, wonderful quality. And it...
[Baegam Hot Spring Village]
Uljin has a very good condition for the fragrant mushroom in which the soil of effloresced granite, gneiss and clean air of clean east sea are mixed together.
[Chunnyangmok Pine-mushroom Village]
It enhanced the dish with its excellent flavor and fragrance. The shiitake mushroom is one of the most popular mushrooms in Korea. The shiitake mushroom in high quality is produced in Bonghw...
[Mosan Village]
Flammulina velutipes cultivated in Mosan are classified as Tricholomataceae, The Tricholomataceae Family by taxology and grown by a bunch mostly on old trunks and branches of broad-leaved trees like h...
[Moheung Hwangto Village]
About 80 farming families make high income by producing agaric mushrooms in 28710 cm2 cultivation facilities. They produce high quality mushrooms with the automatic temperature and humidity adjustment...
[Gigye Village]
Pyogo mushroom in Gigye Village The pyogo mushroom is named in various ways; Hangsim, Mago, or Chamnamue Boeseot in Korean; Sangue in Chinese; Shiitake in Japanese; oak mushroom, black forest mushroo...
[Baekkot Mushrooms]
The Mushroom has a long history. Recently, as the pure fungi cultivation technology has been developed, artificial cultivation has increased. Demand for mushrooms drastically increased as its nutritio...
[Mundang Shiitake Mushroom ]
Shiitake mushroom has been known as a miracle medicine deterring aging, and, according to Bonchogangmok and Donguibogam, it is the most beneficial food to human and treats air and helps smooth flowing...
[Agaric mushroom ]
Agaric-mushroom is a pollution free natural vegetable. It has plentiful of vitamin B and C, protein and so on.In JuCheon, people raise agaric-mushroom using abandoned mine giving the best environment ...
[Shitake Mushrooms ]
The Shitake Mushrooms that is cultivated in the same way of cultivating the wild Shitake Mushrooms Shitake Mushroom doesn’t need the agriculture chemicals and the chemical fertilizers to grow. Sin...
[Pocheon Mushroom]
Vegetable beef and proteinThe content of protein in the mushroom widely used as food amounts to 17~35%, higher than 7.3% of rice and than 13.2% of wheat. And it has nearly the same quality with bean(3...
[Netari mushroom(Agaric mushroom)]
The clean environmental condition of Namhansanseong has a positive influence on the quality of the Netari mushroom that requires unpolluted air and water. It contains less impurity and has equality in...
[Gangwha agaric mushrooms]
Mushrooms getting the attention from modern people as health food are very effective for tumors, diabetes, fatness, etc, and can be said one of the best health foods. Especially agarics are served mos...
[Seokseong Champignon]
In order to cultivate champignon, mixing nutrients like fowl dropping, rice bran and emery powder with rice straw containing about 70% of water and then let them ferment for 20days.And then, inoculati...
[Pyogo Mushroom ]
It is classified as Basidiomycota agaric mushroom or Song-I mushroom. It is one of the most common mushrooms. It is spread from East to Southeast Asia. In addition, it is also distributed in New Guine...
[Natural Songi (Tricholoma matsutake)]
Donguibogam(famous Korean medical book by Heojun) speaks well of Songi mushroom as having no poison and plentiful of mild scent with the essence of pine tree.
[Mt. Gaya Mushrooms]
Mushrooms grow among the cool breezes flowing from Mt. Gaya. Since the environment is free from pollution, the mushrooms have a good taste and remarkable flavors. Besides, Mt. Gaya mushrooms are excel...
[Agaric Mushroom]
Humans have maintained a close relationship with mushrooms while coexisting with nature for a long time. According to records, mushrooms were regarded as mysterious and fearful objects in ancient days...
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