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Mountain wild vegetables
Edible mountain herbs>>

[Mountain wild vegetables]


Nue Village is a village surrounded by clean natural environment such as Mt. Bokju and Nue lake etc. Hence, the mountain wild vegetables produced here are always fresh, fragrant and tasty.

In seasoning mountain wild vegetables, it is common to use oil, powdered sesame mixed with salt, soy sauce etc. The mountain wild vegetables cooked like this is a good way to taste the unique flavor of mountain wild vegetables.

Mountain wild vegetables have affluent protein, vitamins, calcium, minerals and iron, and each wild vegetable has medicinal effects, so they are used as medicines. Pickpurse is good for eyes, Dropwort is good for high fever and swelling and sedum acts to make blood clean. Especially, young Chinese cabbage is good for constipation and skin beauty so it is the best to women.

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Edible mountain herbs>>
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