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Baekkot Village
Wild aster

Wild aster's young leaves in spring are best for its tempting taste which is lost during winter. If boiled and seasoned, the young leaves unique fragrance can invigorate the appetite as well as prevent fatigue in the spring tide. The wild aster gathered in Naju Pear Village is famous for its taste and fragrance, good for sparking  appetite. 

- Ingredients
wild aster, salt, perilla oil, bean oil, perilla powder

- Recipe
1. Wash the wild aster, and boil it slightly in the hot water. Rinse it and squeeze water from it.
2. Grind the salt and salt the wild aster.
3. Add slight bean oil for gloss, and spread the perilla powder.
4. Put the aster into a container, and spread the perilla powder.

Taste of wild aster
Wild aster provides spring seasoned greens' fresh fragrance and taste.

Wild aster is called the 'King of Calcium' because it contains abundant calcium. Also, it is an alkali food with carbohydrates, Vitamin A, C and amino acid.

Wild aster is good for encouraging appetite, and preventing fatigue in the spring tide. Fully ripened one is used as medicine to cure headache, dizziness, discharge of phlegm, urination, digestion. It is recommended to take 5 to 10g to cure diabetes.

Wild garlic

Wild garlic tastes a bit bitter, suitable to relive the appetite lost during winter time.
Wild garlic has abundant Vitamin C, which is weak to heat, therefore, it is recommended to eat it with light seasoning in order to prevent nutrition loss. Adding vinegar extends the time to destroy Vitamin C. For refreshing taste, add wild garlic into the bean-paste potage.

Wild garlic contains various vitamins; among them, Vitamin C is the most abundant, preventing skin diseases, anemia, arterial sclerosis as well as activating liver activities. It is well known as tonic food.
In Chinese medicine, wild garlic is known to be effective for insomnia, enteritis, gastritis etc. Also, it is good for gynecologic diseases such as uterial bleeding or menstrual irregularities.

Nutrition analysis
The characteristic of wild garlic is slight bitter taste. It has a great amount of nutrition including Vitamin C; especially, it has abundant calcium, which is good for anemia and arterial sclerosis.

- Seasoned wild garlic
- Ingredients: Wild garlic, enoki mushroom, metapenaeus shrimp, soy source, thrice vinegar, red pepper powder, garlic, sugar, sesame oil, sesame
- How to cook
Remove soil and dust from wild garlic, and wash it.
Divide the enoki mushroom into two, and boil the metapenaeus shrimp.
Mix the above with the prepared seasons, and spread sesame. 

- Grilled shepherd's purse & wild garlic
- Ingeredients: shepherd's purse, wild garlic, crab meat, cake powder, water, edible oil
- How to cook
Chop the crab meat into 3㎝ length, and tear them up.
Trim the roots of shepherd's purse and wild garlic. Wash them. Cut them into 5㎝ length, and mix with the crab meat. Place the cake powder and water, and mix them.
Place one scooped amount into the heated fry-pan. Stew it up.

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