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Hahoe Village
Andong Yam

Andong yams are called Sanyak (yam's root). According to books on oriental medicine (including the 'Donguibogam'), it has remedial properties for tuberculosis, diabetes, diarrhea, leucorrhea and frequent urination. It also supplies nutrients, so it is good for those with a weak constitution and lack of stamina. Yam's root is a premium food provided as a juice in exclusive Japanese restaurants for protecting the stomach before drinking liquor. Sanyak is also called 'yam' and mentioned in the love story between Prince Seodong of the Baekje Dynasty (who later became King Mu) and Princess Seonhwa of the Shilla Dynasty. The 'Donguibogam,' a book about oriental medicine written by Joon Heo, records the benefits of yam's root. Generally, it is known to strengthen men's stamina.

Harvest Season
September~October, sold all year round

For Purchasing
Sam-rang Kim Tel. 82-11-841-2362
Jong-hae Kim Tel. 82-11-841-6552
Dong-sook Kim Tel. 82-11-841-3270
Oh-gyun Shin Tel. 82-11-841-4486
Deok-jae Kim Tel. 82-11-841-2284
Gisan branch of Pungcheon Nonghyop Tel. 82-54-841-6823

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