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[ Edible mountain herbs ]
[Mountain edible greens]
The mountains and forests occupy the area of 2,542ha which is 99% of the entire area of Bukdong-lee Hanwooltari village so it is the area abundant in fresh sprouts of thorny ash, tree ear, and pine mu...
[Usan Jirungi village_Ssam vegetable]
Ssam means 'food that wrap rice and side dishes with fresh leafy green'.(leafy green - all vegetables which their leaves are edible)
[Mountain herbs]
Wild asters are a type of chrysanthemum. There are around 100 types of wild asters, 60 of which naturally grow in Korea and 24 of which are edible. Edible ones include Cham-aster, Ant-aster, Maid-aste...
- Spinach produced in Shin-an Bi-geum Rock Salt Village is called Seom-cho, and it is a representative specialty of the village along with the rock salt. Seom-cho that is produced on island grows by a...
[Golden herbs]
Golden Chicken Village’s pride golden herbs, which is a natural antibiotics used as an alternative to artificial antibiotics, have been used widely since the old days as a fold remedy to subside fever...
[Chamdarea_Seasoned Aster]
The clean sea is the very reason that some healthy agricultural are being produced In Goseong. Seasoned aster cultivated in our village is one of typical environment friendly agricultural products.
[Aster scaber]
Aster scaber of Byuljubu Village’s coast that you keep wanting to eat because of its strong fragrance, is the village’s great pride, and every over 400 tons are produced. Aster scaber known as the kin...
[Mountain Codonopsis lanceolata]
Mountain Codonopsis lanceolata is a perennial vine plant, there are about 30 kinds in it, however 2 kinds are outspread in our nation.
[Mountain wild vegetables]
Nue Village is a village surrounded by clean natural environment such as Mt. Bokju and Nue lake etc. Hence, the mountain wild vegetables produced here are always fresh, fragrant and tasty.
[Mountain Codonopsis Lanceolata]
Mountain Codonopsis lanceolata It is a perennial creeper of the family of balloon flower grown in the field, when the roots are cut, white sap is leaked like balloon flower.
[Mountain Greens]
Paju Wild Grape Village located on the foothill of Gamak Mountains produces mountain greens that grow with the energy of the mountains. Mountain greens are edible greens that grow naturally without ...
[Songchoen Greens]
Greens grown in the clean environment of the village are a kind of healthy food that is highly nutritional and pollution free.
[Geomundo Mugwort]
Most people think of pickpurse or wildgarlic as major spring greens, but mugwort is the best of all.
[Edible mountain herbs]
There are 200 kind of wild herbs such as sprout from trees, herbs from stems, root herbs, mushrooms etc. in the mountain.In spring, there are a lot of wild herbs which covers the whole mountain.
[Inchin Mugwort]
Inchin Mugwort is well known for the best effective food of recovering function of the liver and specially Inchin Mugwort in Baekdam village, owing to growing in the pure natural circumtance, its ingr...
DOLSANGAT is the indigenous product of YOECHONGUN, and MANSANGPYUNGYONGDAEYOPJONG was brought and raised in DOLSANUP of YOECHONGUN. Because it is raised well in the oceanic climate and Alkaline soils,...
It is called chamgobi or Ulleung gosari and also sold as a special product of the island. The perennial plant that grows in Ulleung island, mountain Taebaek and Jechon has short and straight root. Seo...
Ballonfower has been called ‘Sasam’ from years after years because it has as much as effect of ginseng has. It is considered as one of five kinds of ginsengs, which are Ginseng (Insam), Hyeonsam, Dan...
[Deodeok in Gyeryong Mt.]
Deodeok in Kyeryong Mt. which is collected strictly among three years old ones and cultivated through orgnic farming method in the foot of mysteriou and noted Kyeryong Mt. is absolutely natural food w...
[Sanchae(Wild edible greens)]
Produced in the clean environment not contaminated by pollution
[GOSARI (Bracken) ]
It grows up well in the sunshine. It has a fur but it doesn’t have scale piece. Its root is round, and stretches lengthily besides, and its leaf comes out here and there. The size of leaf is 20 ~80 cm...
[Wild lanceolate root]
Wild Lanceolate root, called 'Sasam' in Chinese characters, belongs to Campanulaceae and lives in the forest. Its appearance is quite similar to ginseng; it also has saponin which is a principal ing...
[Wild aster]
Wild aster’s young leaves in spring are best for its tempting taste which is lost during winter. If boiled and seasoned, the young leaves unique fragrance can invigorate the appetite as well as preven...
[Andong Yam]
Andong yams are called Sanyak (yam's root). According to books on oriental medicine (including the 'Donguibogam'), it has remedial properties for tuberculosis, diabetes, diarrhea, leucorrhea and frequ...
Cheonma is the higher plant life, which belongs to the Orchid Family. The growing environment is entirely different from other plants. As it has neither chlorophyll nor fibrous roots, Cheonma can not ...
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