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Dried pepper
Guksagol - Dried pepper
Guksagol - Garlic
Sweet Pumpkins
Sweet Pumpkins
Wild Herbs and Vegetables
Wild herbs, which are the greatest gift of nature to humanity, grow in clean, unpolluted areas and is a health food that is free of any air pollution or agro-chemicals.
Chili Peppers
Aside from capsaicin, which is the main constituent of chili peppers, they also contain high quantities of vitamins A and C. When being exposed to air conditioning in closed spaces for prolonged perio...
Chili Pepper
In general, chili pepper are easily damaged when it rains. However, because they are grown in a sloped farm that mostly consists of a good sandy soil, it is more advantageous to produce healthy chili ...
Sajasan Village grows white and red hasuo for sale
Spring Cabbage / Salted Cabbage
Excellent quality of cabbages that were produced from fertile region of Boryeong, chilli powder and scallion were mixed for making Kimchi. In addition, shrimps from the West Sea and salted anchovy wer...
Shiitake Mushroom
It is one of the mushrooms we eat most which is classified as Basidiomycetes Pleurotaceae Lentinus or Tricholomataceae.
Mountain edible greens
The mountains and forests occupy the area of 2,542ha which is 99% of the entire area of Bukdong-lee Hanwooltari village so it is the area abundant in fresh sprouts of thorny ash, tree ear, and pine mu...
Hanwooltari village in Bukdong-ri has been famous for excellent quality garlic in Yeongdong area with the soil rich in lime and the nature of soil of superior elements, presently we form farmers' orga...
Winter Shiraegi (dried radish leaves)
This is the Shiraegi (dried radish leaves) naturally dried in the hilly areas of Daegwanryeong Wind Vil winter Shiraegi (dried radish leaves) is made in the midwinter hence has no concern of vermin...
Carrot is abundant in Vitamin A so protects eye sight and is good for skin beauty treatment. This is the clean and fresh carrot which has grown in the clean nature of Daegwanryeong and is abundant in...
Regional Product of Wind Village
Regional Product of Wind Village
Usan Jirungi village_ salted cabbage
The origin of cabbage is known to be the northen part of China. Cabbage consists of tightly bound leaf type(head type), spreading out leaf type(non-head type) and the intermediate type(semi-head type)...
Usan Jirungi village_Ssam vegetable
Ssam means 'food that wrap rice and side dishes with fresh leafy green'.(leafy green - all vegetables which their leaves are edible)
Muan Yaksil_Onion
Onion has warm property, no toxicity and hot flavor. Also, due to its abundance of medical substances, it has high usage value as the ingredient of recipes, easy to cultivate and can be easily preserv...
Muan Yaksil_Sanchae/Herb
You can find butterbur, goldenrod, bracken, royal fern, fatsia shoots, mil herbs, Japanese lady bell and Atractylodes japonica in the mountain and if you go further into the mountain, you can find Car...
seven_Agricultural produce introduction_Vegetables
Addition to Gwesan being a 250m above sea level and a remote high cold land where the temperature difference between day and night is big, its heaven blessed conditions produce Gwesan Chunggul red pep...
Yemil potato
Ganwondo bun potato is tasty, sweet and contains many white bun. The type differ to the normal potato used for side dish and it is suitable for kids' snack. Also, it is known as the 'apple in ground' ...
ant_special product introduction
Mountain herbs are full of nutrients such as vitamin, mineral and fibers and are known to be a healthy food.
horongbul_Forest Products
Various mushrooms such as Songi mushroom(Tricholoma matsutake), Youngji mushroom, Ssari mushroom and Neungi mushroom(Sarcodon aspratus) grow in the wild and forest products such as duduk and gosari ar...
Sweet Pumpkin
The sweet pumpkin produced in Samwonsu Yakcho village is very good for health and is shaped like heart
Mountain herbs
Wild asters are a type of chrysanthemum. There are around 100 types of wild asters, 60 of which naturally grow in Korea and 24 of which are edible. Edible ones include Cham-aster, Ant-aster, Maid-aste...
Gonaengji Cabbage
The Gonaengji cabbage produced in Hangangbalwonji village, the cleanest highland, is admitted as the best quality nationwide, and is being under application for the Mark of environment friendly agricu...
The principal products of Hangangqklwonji village are groundsel filled with abundant vitamin and some kind of nourishments. This village’s groundsel is far more abundant in taste and flavor than other...
Yellow soil zukini
Yello soil zucchinis are cultivated as the village’s specialty product, and out of total 25,000 unit pyung, area cultivated by the yellow soil zucchini cultivation team is 20,000 unit pyung. Total pro...
Hot pepper
Doodongpyun village hot peppers are grown under bright sunshine and clear air that is optimal weather and soil conditions to have strong pepper taste, fine color and thick flesh for the best scent.
Special products of Bidoolginang(Red pepper)
Red pepper grown under clear air and bright sun light.
Special products of Bidoolginang(Cucumber)
Pochun special product cucumber with fresh taste and flavor. Cucumbers have abundant potassium to discharge sodium and other wastes from our body.
- Spinach produced in Shin-an Bi-geum Rock Salt Village is called Seom-cho, and it is a representative specialty of the village along with the rock salt. Seom-cho that is produced on island grows by a...
Taeyangcho red pepper paste
Taeyangcho’s famous production region, Younggwang. Younggwang is a place famous as the home of Taeyangcho, and especially Younggwang Lava Village has clean natural environment and good-quality soil, p...
Chili peppers
Chili peppers cultivated in the ultramodern floriculture facilities of Youngam Dopo Gardening Village grow in the nutritious yellow soil of Youngam with sufficient sunlight and alvine water from under...
Altari radish
Youngam Dopo Gardening Village possesses clear elvan water flowing from National Park Wolchul mountain and the soil of Youngsan River reclaimed land that has favorable qualities.
Cucumbers of Youngam Dopo Gardening Village are produced in a large-scale floriculture complex created on the rich yellow soil ground of a vast reclaimed farmland, Youngam.
Dry chili peppers
Sokdong Tideland Village produces lots of chili peppers because it has good sunlight and soil quality. Every year, over 500 tons of chili peppers are produced in the village,
The groundsel produced in Shimgok Yakcheon is delivered into market earlier than any other groundsel nationwide. Please feel the flavor of warm spring through the groundsel of Shimgok Yakcheon sta...
Asparagus grows up to 1.5m. Some roots are long like rope and some roots are short circular cylinder with sharp each ends. Young stems grow to have branches. Leaf-like branches are thin and pine leaf-...
Golden herbs
Golden Chicken Village’s pride golden herbs, which is a natural antibiotics used as an alternative to artificial antibiotics, have been used widely since the old days as a fold remedy to subside fever...
Hanam_onion, Crops, Processed Products ETC
Onion is a main income source and is a principal product in this village. Especially, the onion, mainly mid, late ripening species, used for onion juice is being coproduced in the village. The proper ...
Chili peppers
It is pure chili pepper cultivated with unpolluted water air and soil. The fruit is a cone-shaped berry type fruit with little moisture, which ripens in August~October. The red ripe fruits are dried a...
Yang-San carrots
Also called red radish, it is almost 1m long and grows straight. It is firm, and has straight shape that gradually gets smaller towards the end. It is bright orange with little side branch and small...
Chamdarea_Seasoned Aster
The clean sea is the very reason that some healthy agricultural are being produced In Goseong. Seasoned aster cultivated in our village is one of typical environment friendly agricultural products.
Sweet poptatoes
Pumpkin sweet potato is a crossbreed of water sweet potato and pumpkin. It is grown in the cool coastal climate of Taean in the rich yellow soil field, so when you steam or roast it, the insides turns...
Byuljubu Village produces over 57 tons of garlic, and the six-clove garlic of Taean grows under the sea breeze of Taean peninsula. In the winter warm wind blows to help the development of the roots, a...
Aster scaber
Aster scaber of Byuljubu Village’s coast that you keep wanting to eat because of its strong fragrance, is the village’s great pride, and every over 400 tons are produced. Aster scaber known as the kin...
Selenium garlic
- Selenium garlic, produced in Goheung Sin-gi Turtle Village that has clean natural environment and high-quality soil, are carefully selected high-quality selenium garlic. Especially the garlic contai...
Kohlrabi is also called turnip cabbage or bulb cabbage. Kohlrabi is its English name which comes from Kohl (cabbage) and rabic (turnip) of German.
Turnip originated from Europe and was transmitted to Korea through China. It has been cultivated for over 2000 years, but it still preserves its primitive form.
Phellinus lintus
Also called muddy lignum mushroom in Korean, Phellinus lintus is noted as the mushroom that grows on mulberry trees in Donguibogam.
Grown in fertile soils with clear water, Jeungpyeong’s potatoes are firm and nutritious. Potato plants grow up to 60-100cm in height and have a unique smell.
Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake mushroom grows on broad-leaved trees, such as oaks, chestnut trees, and Carpinus laxiflora, in spring, summer, and fall.
Gastrodia elata
How to have Gastrodia elata Gastrodia elata has been certified as an edible plant by KFDA (September 1, 2000) and is good for anyone to enjoy with no adverse effect.
Characteristics: Potato mostly consists of carbohydrate, protein, fiber, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Potato is an alkali food that reduces the acidity of your body.
Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake mushroom grows on the trunks of broad-leaved trees (oak, Konara oak, or beech). It is the most largely grown kind of mushroom in Korea and a large portion is cultivated in Bugok 1000top Vill...
Garlic even appears in the Mythology of Dangun because it is very helpful to the human body. It purifies our intestines and removes impurities from our bodies.
Red Pepper
Nappa Cabbage
Haenam has a warm oceanic climate and is the only place in Korea that grows Nappa cabbages in winter. Haenam grows uncontaminated Nappa cabbages in its quality soil and preserves them fresh and unfro...
Red Pepper
As its name tells you, Songchon Red-pepper Village produces red pepper as a specialty item. The red peppers of Songchon Red-pepper Village are grown environmentally-friendly with less chemicals in th...
Naju dropwort
Naju dropwort is cultivated in the sandy soil by Yeongsan River, using clean groundwater. Many urban consumers ask for Naju dropwort because it is more flavorful and better in quality as it is grown ...
Cucumber leaves are 8-15cm in length with pointy tips. Yellow flowers bloom in May or June. Naju cucumbers are organically grown in the fertile soil by Yeongsan River with a warm sunshine and clean ...
Salted Nappa Cabbage
Salted Nappa Cabbage Goisan’s salted Nappa cabbage is Nappa cabbage produced in Goisan and cleaned with Goisan’s pure groundwater. As it is salted to perfection, consumers only need to season it as...
Sindoan can be used on products and packages of vegetable wraps, colorful bell peppers, lettuce, horticulture, strawberries, honey, tomatoes, river snail, soybean paste, taffy, and processed beverages...
Colorful Bell Pepper
Colorful bell pepper is full of vitamins A, B, and C and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene has strong surfurizing capacity and prevents arterial sclerosis and skin-aging.
Zucchini is cultivated in the institutional greenhouses of Hwajeong-myeon by Nam River. Bocheon Village is Korea’s largest zucchini producer and is recognized for its tasty, quality zucchini. A larg...
Natural Pine Mushroom
Natural pine mushroom begins to sprout at the beginning of fall, in early September, and is available for gathering all the way until mid-October.
Sangok Slow Village potato
The potatoes of Sangok Slow Village are highland potatoes. The village shares about 16.5ha of land to cultivate potatoes.
Euiseong Hot Pepper
It is grown in the clear mountainous soils of Euiseong. It has thick peels and produces a lot of hot pepper powder when dried. It is widely used to make Kimchi and hot pepper paste, as it preserves ...
Euiseong garlic
Euiseong garlic is a quality species of garlic for the cold regions and has improved the native species of Euiseong for the local climate and soil.
Hot Pepper
Hot pepper is an essential food for Korean tables. Its hot taste comes from ‘capsaicin.’ Because of its hot and spicy nature, hot pepper is good for those who often experience stomach indigestion d...
Potato mostly consists of starch and contains important minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamins C and B.
Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes are harvested in October and November. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin C and can quickly reduce fever. They are a great source of vitamin in winter when not much vegetable is avai...
Angelica gigas
In Chinese, Angelica gigas is called Danggui, meaning one will definitely come back.
Milk Vetch Root
Milk vetch root is one of the most popular medicinal herbs, along with ginseng.
Songi Mushroom
Songi mushroom naturally grows in pine forest in fall. It is a purely native food with good taste and flavors.
Hot Pepper and Wild Garlic
Omi’s sun-dried hot peppers are naturally grown and finely dried in fall to preserve their red color and spicy taste.
Hot Pepper
Hot pepper is the most-grown vegetable in Pungdeok Village.
Cucumber is a very popular vegetable because it is juicy and cool.
Songi Mushroom
Songi mushroom consists of a hat-shaped top that is 8-20cm in diameter and a 10cm-long stem.
Thorny Ash Shoots
Garlic even appears in the Mythology of Dangun because it is very helpful to the human body. It purifies our intestines and removes impurities from our bodies.
Red Pepper
As hot pepper contains vitamins A and C, it is exceptionally good for respiratory illnesses and it strengthens the immune system. Red pepper contains 20-30 times more vitamin C than apples and its hot...
Nappa Cabbage
Haenam has a warm oceanic climate and is the only place in Korea that grows Nappa cabbages in winter. Haenam grows uncontaminated Nappa cabbages in its quality soil and preserves them fresh and unfro...
Shiitake Mushroom
Grown with cool breeze and morning dew, Shiitake mushroom is a quality healthy food with a thick cap, clear colors, and good flavor. It is often called the meat of the mountains.
Korean Lettuce
Korean Lettuce is Godeulppaegi Village’s biggest source of income as well as a major specialty. It is called Sseunnamul or Ssinnamul. North Korea calls it Jondume Godeulppaegi or Jom Godeulppaegi. ...
Red Pepper
As its name tells you, Songchon Red-pepper Village produces red pepper as a specialty item. The red peppers of Songchon Red-pepper Village are grown environmentally-friendly with less chemicals in t...
Naju dropwort is cultivated in the sandy soil by Yeongsan River, using clean groundwater. Many urban consumers ask for Naju dropwort because it is more flavorful and better in quality as it is grown ...
Cucumber leaves are 8-15cm in length with pointy tips. Yellow flowers bloom in May or June. Naju cucumbers are organically grown in the fertile soil by Yeongsan River with a warm sunshine and clean ...
Institutional Vegetables
The City of Yangju is located in the metropolitan area and institutional vegetables have been developed here since long ago. Mengol Village produces fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, hot peppers, l...
Cucumbers are cold in nature and are good for beating the heat in summer. Thirst or tightness of the chest can be eliminated by eating cucumbers
Potato, Soybean, Aralia Shoots
Thirty-six farm households in the Potato Cultivation Team produce and sell 15 tons of certified quality spring potatoes to Haitai Foods by contract.
Paprika is an annual plant of the Annuum Species, Capsicum Division, and Solanaceae Family.
As a pollution-free produce, Squash has several benefits: it is relatively easy to grow, its strength against drought and diseases requires minimal pesticides, and can be used to make various condimen...
Cirsium japonicum var. ussuriense
Thistle’s scientific name is Cirsium japonicum var. ussuriense. We use its roots, leaves, and stems as medicine.
Highland Napa Cabbage
SkyLand Village’s Napa cabbage is abundant in vitamins, minerals, and fiber and is the major ingredient of Kimchi, the must-have on Korean dining tables.
Hericium erinaceum Vegetable Worm
In Korea, it is called roe butt mushroom because it resembles the hair on a roe’s butt.
Mustard Leaf Leaf Beet Crown Daisy Bok Choy Chicory
Characterized by stingy hot flavor and scent, mustard leaf is often used to make wraps, salads, and Kimchi. Its strong flavor eliminates the odor of meat and fish.
Kale Angelica keiskei
Vegetables grown in Surokgol Village are environmentally-friendly organic produce and contain the love and care of our farmers. Organic-grown produce does not add chemical fertilizers or additives a...
Mushrooms have been widely used as food and medicine both in the East and the West due to their unique taste and flavors.
Codonopsis lancerolata
Codonopsis lancerolata has been well-known for its unique flavors and outstanding efficacies as a traditional farm produce.
Chinese Bellflower
Chinese bellflower is a perennial plant of the bellflower family and comes in various kinds. Cleaned and dried bellflower root is called Baekgilgyeong in Korea.
Cucumbers are cold in nature and are good for beating the heat in summer. Thirst or tightness of the chest can be eliminated by eating cucumbers
The history of paprika is related to the history of capsicum peppers. In Peru, the trails of various pepper plants were found in old historical ruins that are over 2000 years old.
Mountain Greens
Mountain greens are edible perennials that grow in the mountains. We eat about 200 different kinds of leaf, stem, sprout, fruit, root, and mushroom from the mountains.
Hot Pepper
While preserving its heavenly natural environment, Saldun Village is producing hot peppers as its main produce item, along with soybeans, throughout the year.
Soybean has been used in various ways as a source of protein. Often called the 'beef from the fields,' soybean is very high in protein.
Mountain Berries
Mountain berries contains about 50 times more calcium than grape.
Oyster Mushroom
Most types of mushroom are composed of 90% water and 10% of protein (2∼3%), fat, sugar, and minerals.
Grown in yellow earth soil, Jindeung Village’s potatoes have more nutrients and better taste than other potatoes.
Cudrania tricuspidata
Cudrania tricuspidata is a leaf-shedding arbor or shrub in the mulberry family. It has various other names in Korea and China.
Helianthus tuberosus
Helianthus tuberosus is a plant in the chrysanthemums family. It is called Pig Potato in Korea.
Sea Breeze Pepper
Gochang Sea Breeze Pepper is produced by the West Sea in conditions that are most appropriate for its growth (duration of sunlight, soil, and humidity) using the organic method.
Natural fernbrake grows in every valley of Mt. Songnim. Grown in the wild with an appropriate climate and environment, Gosari Village’s fernbrake has thick stems and strong flavors.
Six-clove Garlic
Characteristics of Taean Six-clove Garlic Taean’s cool oceanic climate is good for garlic’s taste and long shelf life. The seeds are gathered in a virus-free island (Gaui Island). Every year, garli...
Specialties (Agricultural Produce)
MaeHyang-ri’s potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corns are also quality specialties of the village.
Specialties (Hot Pepper)
Wangjing-myeon of Yeoncheon-gun is famous as the home of Korea’s tastiest hot peppers. We produce quality peppers from our fertile soils and fresh air.
Specialties (Pumpkin, Carrot, or Chestnut Potatoes)
Pumpkin (Carrot) Potato - The name came from its yellow flesh like that of a pumpkin. It is also called yellow potato, honey potato, or carrot potato. It is orange when raw and turns dark yellow whe...
Specialties (Sweet Potato)
Songhak-3-ri of Gangsang-myeon sells tasty, quality sweet potatoes (pumpkin, carrot, or chestnut potatoes) nationwide through Yangpyeong Distribution Center.
eoryang Organic Farming
Eoryang Village distinguishes their specialties through various and unique cultivation processes. They produce great amount of various products including strawberries, melons, lettuces, watermelons a...
eoryang Organic Farming
Eoryang Village distinguishes their specialties through various and unique cultivation processes. They produce great amount of various products including strawberries, melons, lettuces, watermelons a...
Yeonggwang red hot pepper
Yeonggwang pepper is famous for its red color, thick skin and excellent taste. It is dried using natural drying methods, having a good reputation as a red hot pepper.
Millstone Pumpkin
Chitosan is extracted from shells of insects, cell coats of plant pathogens and shells of shrimps and crabs, which constitutes the structure of these creatures and makes the broken or cut
the sap of Painted maple
A Painted maple is a latifolious tree of the maple tree family growing at the altitude of 500 ~1000 meters and Painted maples are naturally distributed in Korea, Japan, Manchuria, the U.S. and Canada.
Jangnoesam (Wild cultivated ginseng) and Shiitake mushrooms
Introduction of silk riverside bell tomatoes
Sedo bell tomatoes are small size of one-bite, whose peel is thin, the sugar content is high, and the taste is very excellent, which has anticancer effect with containing lycopene. It has fresh taste ...
Mountain Codonopsis lanceolata
Mountain Codonopsis lanceolata is a perennial vine plant, there are about 30 kinds in it, however 2 kinds are outspread in our nation.
Mountain wild vegetables
Nue Village is a village surrounded by clean natural environment such as Mt. Bokju and Nue lake etc. Hence, the mountain wild vegetables produced here are always fresh, fragrant and tasty.
Yongam Dried Peppers
Yongam Dried Peppers are high-quality popular peppers that are grown in the fertile lands of Sanyang-ri and the radian heat from the rocks on Mt. Yongam.
Sanyang Samcheok King Garlic
Samcheok King Garlic from Samcheok is geographically grown in oceanic climate and in lime. It is very firm to be highly storable and juicy and easy to peel and has unique taste and flavor.
Yellow Sweet Potatoes
Shingwang Mt. Bihak Village’s yellow sweet potatoes contain various vitamins, minerals, and high-quality fiber and are pollution-free healthy food that can be produced with almost no chemical pesticid...
The green peppers produced in Nampyeong are cultivated environmentally-friendly using a mixture of chitosan, bone dust, and dried blood dust as liquid fertilizer and are strictly sorted and packaged b...
Cultivated in a broad reclaimed mountainous yellow earth, they are smooth and full for high quality and are effective for digestion and absorption in our body and for preventing adult diseases.
Grape Tomatoes
Cultivated in reddish yellow earth with the clear groundwater of Mt. Wolchul and organic fertilizers, our grape tomatoes are highly sweet and bright in color.
Shiitake mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms, which are a popular health food, are good for reducing cholesterol, fighting cancer, and fighting germs.
Specialties of Highland - Potato
"Pollution-free healthy food – Gangwon-do's potatoes" Potatoes are Daegiri Village's most representative specialty of Gangwon-do, a home of various natural foods. Daegiri Village's potatoes, an alk...
Pumpkin and Squash
Pumpkin and squash are used in various dishes and come in varieties of types. They are evenly high in carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and phosphorous.
Hadomun Vegetable Wraps
What are Vegetable Wraps? Vegetable wraps are vegetables that can wrap other foods.
Yellow Earth Garlic
We produce over 25% of all garlic produced in Danyang and our garlic is six-clove garlic from cold region and is uniquely spicy and firm as it is cultivated in limestone and yellow earth. It has grea...
Sannaedle peppers, the major ingredient of Sunchang pepper paste Sannaedle Village is Korea's largest pepper producer and produces the highest quality peppers.
No-chemical treated sweet potato
Eom Jo, who went to Japan as a diplomat in the 39th year of King Yeongjo of Joseon (1763), brought some seeds of sweet potato into our country and chestnut sweet potato is grown in alluvial soil in th...
Balsam Pear Balsam pear is vine gourd plant that grows in torpical area. Balsam pear are also called Yeoja or Yeoji in Korean and because it tastes bitter Chinese call them Kokwa and Japanese call t...
Introducing Nokjeon Sweet Pumpkins
Nokjeon sweet pumpkins are larger, brighter, and sweeter than the pumpkins produced in other regions and are therefore highly popular.
Shindo Button Mushrooms
The button mushrooms produced in Shindo are greatly rich in flavor. They are high in protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals. They also contain carcinostatic substances...
Dried persimmons, Strawberries, Ginseng
1. Dried Persimmon: Yangchon and Limhwa valley is famous for the god blessed nature condition which is proper to produce the dried persimmon.
The utmost product of aspiration of sky, energy of soil, and sincerity of human – Geumsan Ginseng
White King Oyster Mushrooms
Containing the unique pine-scent of Tricholoma matsutake (button mushrooms), it was named White King Oyster Mushrooms.
Yellow-earth Onions
As about 16% of onions produced in Korea are produced in Muan, the scale of cultivation and production is largest in Korea.
A perennial pteridophyte of fernbrake family. It grows in the sunny areas of mountain or plain, its stem is about 1m long. The leaf comes out with the spreading of thick underground stem
red pepper
An introduction of red pepper.
Daap Green Tea
Daap Green Tea which is also produced in Maehwa Village, as it is produced in the edge valley of Mt. Baekun and unpolluted Seomjin river, the area has precipitation and a half-shady spot which has low...
Yeosan onion is cultivated in most suitable climates and soils to have firm texture and outstanding storability.
Vegetable Wraps
In Duyeo Village, there is a young couple who dreamed of becoming farmers since childhood and is currently dedicated to realizing advanced environmentally-friendly farming. They are devoted to cultiv...
> Characters - Environmentally-friendly farm produce with chemical-free certification - High-quality mushroom using a unique culture medium - Cultivation in distinctive and modern facilities
Yeonpung mushrooms are grown in the decomposed granite soil in Mt. Joryeong and have less water content and enhanced flavors than other mushrooms. Therefore, they can be stored and stay chewy for a l...
Goesan is a mountainous highland that rises 250m above sea level and has high diurnal temperature difference with exposure to direct sunlight. Also, Goesan’s soil is sandy with granite and lime and s...
An introduction of cucumber.
Curcuma aromatica
Curcuma aromatica is a Zingiberaceae perennial that has thick root stems underground and wheel-like joints and is 3∼4㎝ in diameter.
Agaric Mushroom
Agaric mushrooms are very chewy and contain amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients. It has substances that the human body uses to reduce cholesterol, and also to fight cancer. For these re...
Winter Nappa Cabbages
Jindo is influenced by oceanic climates and has warm winters and cool summer and is the best place to cultivate outdoor vegetables.
Spring Onion
Spring onion is cultivated nationwide, but Jindo spring onion is characterized by how it floats in broth.
Cucumbers/ Peppers
Baksagol Village a well-known producer of Seshim cucumbers. We produce about 500,000kg of cucumbers a year. Our cucumbers are high in taste and quality and are vibrantly sold even though they are ...
Gastrodia elata
* Gastrodia elata Gastrodia elata that grows in deep mountains by valleys is an Orchidaceae perennial that grows off of mulberry trees. It is a very rare Eastern medicine herb that naturally grows a...
Seonggi Peppers
Gochang Sea Wind Peppers are cultivated in clear lands by the Yellow Sea that provides good amount of sunlight, suitably fertile soils, and adequate humidity for the cultivation of peppers.
mushroom farming/mountain vegetables
Name of the specialty: Fatsia tree Boasting: Fatsia’s shoots taste bitter and are used in cooking to stimulate people’s appetite without poison.
Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake mushroom It is generated in broad-leaves trees such as oak trees, chestnuts, Carpinus laxiflora etc. over spring, summer and fall. The diameter of the hat is 6∼10cm, the surface is brown, ...
Mountain Codonopsis Lanceolata
Mountain Codonopsis lanceolata It is a perennial creeper of the family of balloon flower grown in the field, when the roots are cut, white sap is leaked like balloon flower.
Julok Village Specialty market - sweet potato
For special products, there are Shiitake mushrooms, melons, sweet potato, and potato and cucumbers, zucchinis, egg plants, hot peppers, peanuts, and corns are grown organically and used for farm exper...
Julok Village Specialty market - Shiitake mushrooms
For special products, there are Shiitake mushrooms, melons, sweet potato, and potato and cucumbers, zucchinis, egg plants, hot peppers, peanuts, and corns are grown organically and used for farm exper...
Toma-pepper is a new type of vegetable that was created by grafting tomatoes and peppers. As it takes strengths from both tomatoes and peppers, it is increasingly beloved by many people.
Sweet potato
The main ingredients of sweet potato are water, carbohydrate, protein, and fat and sweet potato also contains carotin,
Because of rich Vitamin A, zucchini strengthens mucous membranes and improves resistance against a cold.
Hot pepper
The spicy taste of hot pepper is made by “Cap Saicin,” which is good for the people who have digestion disorders
Sun dried peppers
A pepper farming association was organized to produce high quality sun dried peppers in a long time of sunshine and good soils.
Awunae Cucumber
Awunae cucumber is the special product of Cheon An Awunae Cucumber Village which is located at Bonghwal-li, Byeongcheon-myeon, Cheon An. This cucumber is grown in clean, natural, and fertile land with...
Baekma Highlands’ Cucumbers
The cucumbers of Baekma Highlands of Crane Peace Village are crunchy and preserved longer as they are produced in huge diurnal difference of temperatures. They are heavier than other cucumbers.
Chunwon Red Pepper
Chunwon Red Pepper grown in the optimum environment have thick peelings and fat fruit with much powder and red colors with combining spiciness and sweetness for the best taste.
Chunwon Cucumbers
Chunwon Cucumbers are the major specialty of Chunwon Cucumber Village and are called Capsule Cucumbers. With even sizes and straight formation, they are highly valued at the wholesale markets in the ...
Beolgyo Rich Farmers' Cucumbers
Cultivated in abundant sunlight and relatively warn temperatures, the cucumbers have great original taste and scent. They are widely accepted as their firm freshness is preserved longer.
paroho Cucumbers
The cucumbers of our village have relatively high humidity and low temperatures.
Happy 700's Forest Products
Natural forest products cultivated in the mountainous highlands higher than 700m above sea level… Their quality is absolutely unmatched.
The shiitake of Jangsu Star Village is pure food as it is produced in the superior environments of clean highlands and using clean groundwater.
mul tong gol mushrooms
Gurim Multonggol Village that treasures the mysteriousness of mushrooms uses automated cultivation and devoted procedures of each villager to add deeper taste and scent. Ganoderma lucidum and Pleurot...
Mul Tong Gol vegetable
Gurim lettuce produced in the clean waters on the highlands. It is the major production of Multonggol Village and its freshness and taste are superior to that of other lettuces.
Green pepper/Onion/Garlic/Ginger
Grown in clean environment, garlic of Namhae has strong original scent, richly grown contents and long storage period for the best quality in Korea. If you ingest a certain quantity, they sterilize y...
Gokgang Organic Spinach
Produced in total organic method in pollution-free sand field without any chemical or artificial fertilizers, they have reddish and sweet roots and sweet taste and are fresh and well-preserved.
Andongpo vegetables
Sindeok squashes have light-green flesh and rounded shape. They are high-quality with firmness, storability and acceptability. Cultivated in the heavenly natural condition with high diurnal differen...
Taegeuk Squash/Shiitake
- Declaration to high-quality squash, “Taegeuk Squash” 1. They are produced in Yacheon with good mountains and waters of Sobaek Mountains and loving heart of the farmers. 2. They are customized squ...
Mountain Greens
Paju Wild Grape Village located on the foothill of Gamak Mountains produces mountain greens that grow with the energy of the mountains. Mountain greens are edible greens that grow naturally without ...
Shiitake Mushrooms
Shiitake that is renowned as a healthy food is a low-calorie food with dietary fibers and is good for preventing adult diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. In particular, Paju Wild Grape Vill...
Sweet Pumpkin
Paju Wild Grapes Village formed a Sweet Pumpkin Production Complex and obtained a organic-culture quality certification (written certification) from National Agricultural Products Quality Management S...
Kumnam Cucumbers
Introduction of Kumnam Cucumbers, the specialty of Chilgok Kumnam Cucumber Flowery Hill Village
Green Tea Chitosan Pepper
Green Tea Chitosan Peppers have unique flavor and taste and are increasingly demanded by the customers.
Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake Mushroom that is classified into Agaricuss subfunereus is one of the most popular mushrooms in Korea. They grow from Eastern Asia to Southeastern Asia and also in New Guinea and New Zealand ...
Aralia ShootsWith
With their unique scent, they are enjoyed as a kind of mountain greens. They are classified into Aralia cordata Thunb and Aralia elata. Aralia cordata Thunb are dug in Apr ~ May as new sprouts and A...
jeoji art village's potatoes
Potatoes are included in Solanaceae Family and are grown on the stemmy roots that stretch underground. We have eaten them as a staple food, used them to feed animals and used their starch. The subst...
Soonji Cucumber
Soonji Cucumber is Eunseong Cucumis sativus L. in spring and Jangil Semi-white Cucumber in autumn. It is characterized by juicy and crunchy taste. It is a pollution-free agricultural product that ...
Okjeongho mushrooms
Among many specialties of our village, mushrooms, young deer antlers, hemps and persimmon vinegars are systematically managed and tried to be produced as close to the nature as possible by the produce...
Magpie Village's vegetables
There are ultramodern institutional vinyl-house facilities in Magpie Village to produce pollution-free institutional vegetables throughout the year. Magpie Village especially pays much intention to pr...
Magpie Village's pepper
There are ultramodern institutional vinyl-house facilities in Magpie Village to produce pollution-free institutional vegetables throughout the year. Magpie Village especially pays much intention to pr...
Jinwi Vegetables
Pyeongtaek Greens Village is a major vegetables-producing complex that initiates environmentally-friendly developed agriculture. In particular, it is the main producer of Jinwi squash taking 8% of th...
Asan’s Pleurotus astreatus
Asan’s Pleurotus astreatus is cultivated organically in suitable natural and pollution-free environment for high quality. Therefore, they are widely favored by the consumers.
Pleurotus ostreatus
High Quality Pleurotus ostreatus maintain high quality and freshness longer as they are harvested all at once. The direct cultivation and harvesting guarantee the high quality and they are also distr...
Codonopsis Lancerolata
Treasured as the best of best mountain greens, Codonopsis lancerolata is mainly used for grilling, steaming, salting and seasoning. They are not only valuable as healthy food, but also called fourth ...
Neungju pepper
The well-drained soils and huge diurnal difference of temperatures of Neungju are also optimum for pepper cultivation. In particular, the huge diurnal difference of temperatures increases the hot sub...
Maisan Village of Jeonbuk is located in a clean highland and its productions of peppers, sweet potatoes and fernbrakes are clean and contain abundant nutrition factors among the pure waters and warm s...
Maisan Village's pepper
Maisan Village of Jeonbuk is located in a clean highland and its productions of peppers, sweet potatoes and fernbrakes are clean and contain abundant nutrition factors among the pure waters and warm s...
Maisan Sweet Potatoes
Maisan Village of Jeonbuk is located in a clean highland and its productions of peppers, sweet potatoes and fernbrakes are clean and contain abundant nutrition factors among the pure waters and warm s...
Okjeongho Sweet Potatoes
The clean region of Okjeong Lake is treasuring the non-damaged appearances of nature preserved by the surrounding geographical conditions. We produce many high-quality organic farm produces such as p...
Chilgapsan gapa village's Shiitake
The nutritional values and efficacies of Shiitake, one of best healthy food, have only been studied for the last 20 years. It is proven to be great for adult diseases, cancer cells, high blood pressu...
Okjeongho pepper
The clean region of Okjeong Lake is treasuring the non-damaged appearances of nature preserved by the surrounding geographical conditions. We produce many high-quality organic farm produces such as p...
Cheongyang Pepper
Cheongyang’s mountainous valleys and basins of Chungnam’s Alps, Chilgap Mountains, are mainly composed of well-drained humus soils and huge diurnal difference of temperatures to be great for pepper cu...
Jecheon WoRakSanYakCho
Codonopsis Lancerolata is dicotyledoneae plant of Campanulaceae family. It is known to treat edema caused by lack of blood, fatigue or high blood pressure along with lung abscess, malignant tumor and...
Songchoen mushrooms
Songcheon Village’s mushrooms are the major specialty of our village well-known for their high quality.
Songchoen Greens
Greens grown in the clean environment of the village are a kind of healthy food that is highly nutritional and pollution free.
Pimento is the major specialty of Jinburyeong Heulri Village. With the high-quality and great flavor of its pimento, Heulri Village is known as the best clean pimento producer of Korea. Pimento, use...
Gaya Mountains Pleurotus ostreatus
Gaya Mountains Pleurotus ostreatus are pollution free mushrooms produced in Gaya Mountains’ Baekun-ri that is about 500m above sea level. Pleurotus ostreatus are produced only by humidity control wit...
Tricholoma Matsutake..
Premium natural mushrooms with the spirits of pines! The epicures say that Golden Meat Natural Tricholoma Matsutake of the mountains is the best! However, Natural Tricholoma Matsutake, the mysteriou...
Yellow Earth Green Peppers
Yeongjeon Yellow Earth Green Peppers contain abundant Vitamin A and minerals of iron and phosphorous. With less hotness, they satisfy the appetites of new generations.
Yeongjeon Village’s yellow earth potatoes
Yeongjeon Village’s yellow earth potatoes are cultivated in organic yellow earth fields, so they are large in sizes and bright in colors for great tastes.
Ganoderma Mushrooms
Tomatoes have very easy-growing and highly-absorbing roots for a type of vegetables that they can be cultivated for a long time. Without severe coldness such as frosts or below-zero temperatures, the...
Naju Pumpkins
Naju pumpkins are organically cultivated in pollution-free region using clear groundwater to have soft flesh, orange colors and great taste and flavor.
Naju sweet potatoes
Naju sweet potatoes cultivated in the fertile yellow earth of Naju Plains are red and fully contained to be smooth, starchy, sweet and tasty. As they are distributed through strict quality management...
bonghwang hwangto pepper
Naju peppers cultivated with low-chemical environmentally-friendly method in modern greenhouses are less contaminated with thick peelings, nice colors and great taste. In particular, the packaging is...
Cheongsong Peppers
Cheongsong peppers are cultivated with organic fertilizers such as mountain greens and compost instead of chemical fertilizers, so they not only produce much fine powder when grinded but also have ref...
Mother Village is a traditional farm village that has a large-scale institutional horticulture complex formed by the members of Geumgu Farming Association Inc. Also, as there is the factory of Kim Je...
potatoes & sweet potatoes
Mother Village is a traditional farm village that has a large-scale institutional horticulture complex formed by the members of Geumgu Farming Association Inc. Also, as there is the factory of Kim Je...
Artemisia /Chicory/Araliaceous Root Barks
They are perennial plants of Compositae Family. They are called four-season artemisia as their stem lives through the winter although their leaves die. They are only used for medical purposes in Eas...
Inje produces about 30tons of natural Tricholoma Matsutake every year, although the quantity varies according to climates and temperatures. Its mushrooms are great in taste and scent with high qualit...
] It is a healthy food grown on the pollution-free oak trees of Sobaek Mountains valleys. As they are reported to be mysteriously and valuably great for carcinostatic activities, adult diseases, arte...
Squashes of Paroho Saengtae Village are planted in late May and harvested around Jul 20.
Jangseong Hwangyong Colored Peppers
They are smaller and thinner than regular peppers with uniquely fresh scent and sweet taste (sugar level 7~11). They are produced in red, yellow, orange, green and many other colors and provide 4 tim...
Geomundo Mugwort
Most people think of pickpurse or wildgarlic as major spring greens, but mugwort is the best of all.
Pleurotus eryngii
It is ideal to chop them, boil them slightly and dip them in vinegar pepper paste. They can offer special taste when harmonized with Korean BBQ.
Edible mountain herbs
There are 200 kind of wild herbs such as sprout from trees, herbs from stems, root herbs, mushrooms etc. in the mountain.In spring, there are a lot of wild herbs which covers the whole mountain.
Neowa Village
Song-I Mushroom is one of the anti-pollution foods and it is famous for curing the diseases.The other normal mushrooms are being supplied the carbohydrate from dead wood but the Song-I mushroom is bei...
Baekdam Sweet potato/Potato
Carbohydrate is main contents of potato and it has about 75 kcal. It is called a storehouse for vitamin due to much contents of vitamin B1,B2 and C.That vitamin C in the fresh potato is safe even cook...
Baekdam Village
Songi mushroom is almost chemical free forest product, whchi refuses to cultivate artificially.Among them, natural songi mushroon in Baekdam Village has good taste and scent, wonderful quality. And it...
Inchin Mugwort
Inchin Mugwort is well known for the best effective food of recovering function of the liver and specially Inchin Mugwort in Baekdam village, owing to growing in the pure natural circumtance, its ingr...
Hwasan onions
Along with garlic, onions have longest history and the evidence of using onions for eating in Egypt of B.C. 4000 is recorded on a mural of an old tomb.
Molokia is a kind of vegetable in the family of seesaw of very high nutrition being produced in the Mediterranean centering Egypt. In Egypt, a King was seriously ill and a doctor made soup with this g...
Yeoju Red Pepper
Is there any other race that enjoys eating red pepper as much as Korean? The home of red pepper which cannot be omitted in Korean meal is South America not Korea.
Yeoju Barm sweet potato
During the long night of winter, people who had dinner with boiled barley felt hungry.
DOLSANGAT is the indigenous product of YOECHONGUN, and MANSANGPYUNGYONGDAEYOPJONG was brought and raised in DOLSANUP of YOECHONGUN. Because it is raised well in the oceanic climate and Alkaline soils,...
Baegam Hot Spring Village
Uljin has a very good condition for the fragrant mushroom in which the soil of effloresced granite, gneiss and clean air of clean east sea are mixed together.
Chunnyangmok Pine-mushroom Village
It enhanced the dish with its excellent flavor and fragrance. The shiitake mushroom is one of the most popular mushrooms in Korea. The shiitake mushroom in high quality is produced in Bonghw...
The Bonghwa Red Pepper
Bonghwa is located between Ilwal Mountain and Sobeak Mountain. Due to its well-drained ground, there is less damage by blight and harmful insects and therefore no need to use large amounts of agricul...
Healthy Geumdangsil garlic
They are produced in scenic Yechun Geumdangsil. We are producing honey taking into consideration the fact that they are all our family.
Mosan Village
Flammulina velutipes cultivated in Mosan are classified as Tricholomataceae, The Tricholomataceae Family by taxology and grown by a bunch mostly on old trunks and branches of broad-leaved trees like h...
Mosan Onion
The main element of Mosan onions, pectin, melts cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebral apoplexy, and etc, and furthermore, not only the prevention of t...
Youngyang red pepper
They take after each other by contemplation. As couples who live long together become each other alike, a person who likes a mountain resembles the mountain. Therefore, a farmer resembles a crop that ...
Gimnyeong Haenyeo Village's Onion
Onion has an effect for reducing invaluable fat and cholesterol in human’s blood. Therefore, onion has a superior effect for protecting and curing arteriosclerosis and hyperlipemia.
Yeongpyeong Cucumber
Cucumber is in high calcium lets waste out of system and makes body refresh and clean. It contains ascorbinase which breaks Vitamin C down, so good to cook with vinegar and salt. If you eat it as fr...
Moheung Hwangto Village
About 80 farming families make high income by producing agaric mushrooms in 28710 cm2 cultivation facilities. They produce high quality mushrooms with the automatic temperature and humidity adjustment...
Edible Burdock
Edible burdock contains a substance that stimulates kidney functions, so it has been used as a diuretic. Arginine contained in edible burdock stimulates
Hampyeong Red pepper
The red pepper produced from Hampyeong in the blue belt is cultivated on the loess that contains germanium abundantly; thus, its taste and fragrance are excellent, and its color is a beautiful lustrou...
Mundang Ecology Village's pepper
Pepper is an annual plant, which belongs to solanaceae of order tubkflorales of dicotyledoneae. It is classified to solanaceae and originally came from South America and grows in the temperate zone an...
Gigye Village
Pyogo mushroom in Gigye Village The pyogo mushroom is named in various ways; Hangsim, Mago, or Chamnamue Boeseot in Korean; Sangue in Chinese; Shiitake in Japanese; oak mushroom, black forest mushroo...
Baekkot Mushrooms
The Mushroom has a long history. Recently, as the pure fungi cultivation technology has been developed, artificial cultivation has increased. Demand for mushrooms drastically increased as its nutritio...
Mundang Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake mushroom has been known as a miracle medicine deterring aging, and, according to Bonchogangmok and Donguibogam, it is the most beneficial food to human and treats air and helps smooth flowing...
It is called chamgobi or Ulleung gosari and also sold as a special product of the island. The perennial plant that grows in Ulleung island, mountain Taebaek and Jechon has short and straight root. Seo...
Sannae Cucumber
Itr is cultivated in greenhouses or green tunnels. Water content is above 95%.
Yangdong potato
Steamed potato is commonly used for meal or snack between meals and broiled or fried potato is popular as well. It is also used as raw materials for Soju(distilled liquor) and alcohol. Potato starch i...
Jeongan Cucumber
Cucumber is a yearly plant belonging to Lagenaria leucantha, and its main elements are carbohydrate, Pendosan, Pegrin together with minerals such as Na, P and Si.
Togomi potato
This is good for children’s foods or side dishes as it is cultivated by organic farming and the quality is superior for producing in the semi-high & chilling place
Togomi pepper
The quality is superior as it is cultivated by organic farming and dried over the sunshine. Product season: from September till coming march
Jeongseon cool highland potato
Jeongseon cool highland potato was cultivated in uncontaminated area that is 600m or more above sea with fresh air and clean water.It is a delicious, nourishing health food which its flesh is hard as ...
Gariwangsan Red Pepper
The red pepper is used in cooking various foods. The hot taste is caused by substance of capsaicin (C8H7ON), red coloring matter is chiefly Capsantin. The red pepper is rich in vitamin so there is ...
Wine-mellowing Village's red pepper
JuCheon-myeon is the most typical clean area having unpolluted air, water and soil. Therefore, the most agricultural products of JuCheon are pollution free, clean and fresh. Especially, the soil of Ju...
Agaric mushroom
Agaric-mushroom is a pollution free natural vegetable. It has plentiful of vitamin B and C, protein and so on.In JuCheon, people raise agaric-mushroom using abandoned mine giving the best environment ...
Capsule cucumber
Capsule cucumbers are cultivated by covering cucumbers with semi-opaque plastic when cucumber blossoms bloom. Because the organic agricultural method hardly uses chemicals, capsule cucumbers from Bamd...
Dried red pepper
Strong sunlight and clear dew produce clean dried red pepper at plateau areas in Taeghi mountain. This pepper is famous for unique sweet taste, nice fragrance, and vivid fine color.
Noodle Pumpkin
An indigenous product from Bangokri. It is easily regarded as noodle soup with pumpkin because of the name. In fact, however, it is a kind of pumpkin, which becomes like real noodles when it is boiled...
Ballonfower has been called ‘Sasam’ from years after years because it has as much as effect of ginseng has. It is considered as one of five kinds of ginsengs, which are Ginseng (Insam), Hyeonsam, Dan...
Shitake Mushrooms
The Shitake Mushrooms that is cultivated in the same way of cultivating the wild Shitake Mushrooms Shitake Mushroom doesn’t need the agriculture chemicals and the chemical fertilizers to grow. Sin...
Pocheon Mushroom
Vegetable beef and proteinThe content of protein in the mushroom widely used as food amounts to 17~35%, higher than 7.3% of rice and than 13.2% of wheat. And it has nearly the same quality with bean(3...
Netari mushroom(Agaric mushroom)
The clean environmental condition of Namhansanseong has a positive influence on the quality of the Netari mushroom that requires unpolluted air and water. It contains less impurity and has equality in...
Nakjo Village's red peppers
Sun-red pepper and Gangwha red pepper that are grown in clean environment of Gangwha with enough sunshine feature fine red color and sweet taste due to oceanic climate in summer. Ripe with enough suns...
Gangwha agaric mushrooms
Mushrooms getting the attention from modern people as health food are very effective for tumors, diabetes, fatness, etc, and can be said one of the best health foods. Especially agarics are served mos...
Gangwha turnips with the taste of ginseng-Chinese cabbage written in Turnip has been raised back from the age of the Three States, and though it is written that it was raised as an element of Gimchi...
Soknorang(Yellow-inside)sweet potatoes
Sweet and soft Gangwha Soknorang(Yellow-inside)sweet potatoes Sweet, soft, Soknorang(Yellow-inside)sweet potatoes, different from other potatoes, are produced mainly in the coast of Gangwha area and ...
Sweet Pumpkins
Western pumpkin originated in Peru of south america was brought in Korea after 1920s.Sweet pumpkin is pumpkin according to description but it taste chestnut. It has high sweetness and high vitamin con...
Chang So Shallot
Shallot is perennial herb between lily and vegetable. We do not know the exact date Korean start producing it but assume it will be before the Ko Ry Dynasty, and essential ingredient to cook Korean f...
Chilly pepper
Chungyang is an Alps of Chungchung namdo and this area is an basin with many mountains and valleys, so good to farm on the rich soil.
Seokseong Champignon
In order to cultivate champignon, mixing nutrients like fowl dropping, rice bran and emery powder with rice straw containing about 70% of water and then let them ferment for 20days.And then, inoculati...
Chubu Sesame leaf
It is a safe agricultural product which is recommended by Chungnam governot and authorized by national agricultural products inspection. In 1996 20 articles were selected by recommend products . Exper...
Deodeok in Gyeryong Mt.
Deodeok in Kyeryong Mt. which is collected strictly among three years old ones and cultivated through orgnic farming method in the foot of mysteriou and noted Kyeryong Mt. is absolutely natural food w...
Jeongan Bamtori Village's Chili
The home of Gochu is Central and South America. According to Lee Sugwang’s 「Jibongyuseol」, Gochu called Waegaecho was imported from Japan during the Japanese Invasion of Korea. And according to「Sanr...
Pyogo Mushroom
It is classified as Basidiomycota agaric mushroom or Song-I mushroom. It is one of the most common mushrooms. It is spread from East to Southeast Asia. In addition, it is also distributed in New Guine...
It is the original place of horn shaped red pepper from the early Chosun dynasty and still the main area producing it.
Cut 0.5cm green pumpkin roundly, which is slim and doesn't have seeds and dry it in a tray and put in the cool line after piercing in mid autumn. It is a good food. Fry and make NAMUL with dried pumpk...
Sanchae(Wild edible greens)
Produced in the clean environment not contaminated by pollution
Natural Songi (Tricholoma matsutake)
Donguibogam(famous Korean medical book by Heojun) speaks well of Songi mushroom as having no poison and plentiful of mild scent with the essence of pine tree.
GOSARI (Bracken)
It grows up well in the sunshine. It has a fur but it doesn’t have scale piece. Its root is round, and stretches lengthily besides, and its leaf comes out here and there. The size of leaf is 20 ~80 cm...
Wild lanceolate root
Wild Lanceolate root, called 'Sasam' in Chinese characters, belongs to Campanulaceae and lives in the forest. Its appearance is quite similar to ginseng; it also has saponin which is a principal ing...
According to the ancient medicine book, ‘BONCHOGANGMOK’ (1578), when subject of HANNARA, JANGGUN, went back from the western country, he brought it. For the first time, it was called HOGWA. Its name w...
Hwangto Potato
Potato has plenty of stable vitamin C. Vitamin C makes the skin strong and beautiful. It clears the blood and takes a big role in rooting out all kinds of diseases by circulating the blood into the ca...
Imsil red pepper
It grows in the middle mountains 250~300 m above sea level, daily range is 8~10℃ in Imsil area. It has appropriate conditions for the cultivation of high-quality red pepper.
Wild aster
Wild aster’s young leaves in spring are best for its tempting taste which is lost during winter. If boiled and seasoned, the young leaves unique fragrance can invigorate the appetite as well as preven...
Hampyeong Garlic
As the garlic produced in Hampyeong, the blue belt area, is cultivated in marine weather and on the rich soil, it has a great quantity of germanium. It has high quality with excellent storage life. Th...
Andong Yam
Andong yams are called Sanyak (yam's root). According to books on oriental medicine (including the 'Donguibogam'), it has remedial properties for tuberculosis, diabetes, diarrhea, leucorrhea and frequ...
Cheonma is the higher plant life, which belongs to the Orchid Family. The growing environment is entirely different from other plants. As it has neither chlorophyll nor fibrous roots, Cheonma can not ...
Seodu Village's Ginger
The nation's ginger cultivation originated from the Wanju area and was gradually expanded to other areas in Korea. It is known that the Seosan area started to cultivate ginger only after 1930. 3-4 y...
Clean Eggplant from Ecofriendly Farming
Eggplants are eaten in the summer because they have a cold feeling. Usually, they are simply cooked. At the end of the harvest, they are cut into pieces and dried. In Japan, however, eggplants are coo...
Seongju paprica is produced by organic farming methods, so it is safe to eat any time. It is a premium crop rich in minerals and vitamins. Most of its production is exported to Japan.
Eumseong Red Pepper
Eumseong is the home of the red pepper. It has a strong hot and spicy taste and smell. The thick skin produces a large quantity of powered red pepper. As it is well cleansed in the washing machine a...
The Nazarene Sisters of the Kwansang Convent (Nazareth Farm) located in Taesaeng-ri, Daeso-myeon introduced organic farming to cultivate Shinseoncho. 90 tons of Shinnipcho are produced annually to dra...
Mt. Gaya Mushrooms
Mushrooms grow among the cool breezes flowing from Mt. Gaya. Since the environment is free from pollution, the mushrooms have a good taste and remarkable flavors. Besides, Mt. Gaya mushrooms are excel...
Agaric Mushroom
Humans have maintained a close relationship with mushrooms while coexisting with nature for a long time. According to records, mushrooms were regarded as mysterious and fearful objects in ancient days...
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