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Jeongan Bamtori Village
Jeongan Cucumber

Cucumber is a yearly plant belonging to Lagenaria leucantha, and its main elements are carbohydrate, Pendosan, Pegrin together with minerals such as Na, P and Si. Due to its much inorganic matter, and good taste and sweet smell arousing our appetite, cucumber has gained a good recognition as the food of summer season since a long time ago. You can just eat it raw, and in the various ways of cooking such as Oi Naengcha and Buchim. Since today it is cultivated with not a little agricultural chemicals, you should eat it after paring. 
Cucumber has 95 % of water and a rich vitamins of A, U, B1 and B2, becoming a good source of vitamin for us. Cucumber is divided into Jaeraejong, Gasi, Cheong and Neulguen ones, and you can use one of them in accordance with uses. Jaeraejong cucumber is small in size and light in color with a small amount of seed, while it is used in dishes such as Oisobak, Jangajji and Mulgimchi due to its good taste.
In Jeongan-myeon they usually use the method of a forcing culture October to the next June to July in vinyl houses (in case of Baekdadagi of Eunseong). They used a method of Jeoksim culture, but because of the fall of its value as goods changed into Naerim, which is now widely used.
As an ultimate solution to the low income of farming houses, they created an organic fertilizer of Aekbi, which is expected to decrease the cost of investment and contribute to the improvement of farming houses in income. They solved the problem of salt accumulation, which is the basic source of soil contamination by using the organic fertilizer and decreasing excessive chemical fertilizer. Thus their product attracts consumers' notice in the market as eco-friendly.

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