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Midae/Naedong Village
Clean Eggplant from Ecofriendly Farming

Eggplants are eaten in the summer because they have a cold feeling. Usually, they are simply cooked. At the end of the harvest, they are cut into pieces and dried. In Japan, however, eggplants are cooked and processed in many ways to serve them on the table in any season.

The village exports the entire production of eggplants to a food processing company in Japan according to contract. Japanese people love to eat eggplants. In Japan, eggplants are pickled or processed, so the eggplants produced in the village are very different in shape and size from those farmed in other regions.
In the eggplant-farming complex at Midaedong and Naedong, created as one of the projects supported by Daegu city, 7 union members are at the front of the inspection line of eggplants for export. After Harvested eggplants are classified collectively, they are exported, or sold to restaurants within the region.

The eggplants produced in the village have a small size, soft skin and good substance with no seeds. Their taste is fantastic. Every two days, about 100 boxes of eggplants are shipped for export. The peak harvest season is between February and May, immediately after the non-farming season.
Eggplants are farmed from perlite, artificial soil, mixed with the necessary nutrients in the proper ratio. This farming requires lower costs for management and harvesting than ordinary farming.

All spots where leaves come out have flowers and bear eggplants, so the number of flowers should be adjusted. Eggplants can be harvested constantly for 10 months a year with artificial insemination. Many farmers grow facility-grown western vegetables and leaf vegetables in Midaedong and Naedong. Any time, visitors can buy fresh vegetables when passing by the village. For information about eggplants, call the Midae warehouse for collection of facility-grown vegetables (82-53-985-6781).

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