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Chunwon Cucumbers
Chunwon Cucumbers

1. Chunwon Cucumbers

As the major specialty of Chumwon Cucumber Village, they are mainly naturally cultivated.  They are mostly thorn-half-white species.  Chunwon Cucumbers are also called Capsule Cucumbers, because growing cucumbers are covered by white capsules before they are harvested.

The great advantage of Capsule Cucumbers is that they have even sizes and straight formation and thickness as they grow in capsules to be more highly marketable.  Chunwon Cucumber Producers’ Committee was honorably selected Korea’s Best Producers’ Committee.  Also, they are new elites who have visited other countries, such as Japan, that specialize in producing improved vegetables.  With their extraordinary interest and passions, Chunwon Cucumbers are developing world’s best quality and will maintain and improve it.  


2. Efficacies

With high Vitamin C and mineral content, cucumbers are great for skin care (massaging).  They contain abundant moisture and fiber and contain special teeth-strengthening substances.  


3. Dishes

Pickled Cucumbers, Cucumber Kimchi, Salad, Cucumber Cold Soup, Salted Cucumber, Cucumber/seaweed Noodle…

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