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Beolgyo Rich Farmers' Cucumbers
Untitled Document Beolgyo Rich Farmers' Cucumbers

○ Producers: 184 farms
○ Area: 30ha
○ Annual Production: 8,603M/T
○ Distribution: Throughout the year
○ Characteristics Cultivated in abundant sunlight and relatively warn temperatures, the cucumbers have great original taste and scent.
    They are widely accepted as their firm freshness is preserved longer.

History of Cucumbers

According to Botanical List (1578), it was named Hogwa as Gun Jang, an envoy of Han Dynasty, China brought it back from the west (126 B.C.). It was named Hwanggwa by an emperor of Xu Dynasty, China and is still called Hwanggwwa (黃瓜) in China. It has been called Oi, Muroe, Hogwa and Hwanggwa in Korea and is not called Oi. Its scientific name Cucumis originated from Latin world Cucuma. Cucuma is a vessel with a caved center and was rooted because scraped cucumbers resembled the vessel.

Heath Care with Cucumbers

1. Cucumber Skin Toner
★ Ingredients
   Half cucumber, Methyl alcohol 30ml, water 200ml, glycerin 10ml

★ Directions
   1. Chop the cucumber and dip it in alcohol. (Cover with lid)
   2. Leave for about 3~4 hours and filter through gauze or coffee filters.
   3. Add water and glycerin.
   4. Keep it refrigerated in dark bottles.

2. Cucumber Bath
   Cucumbers containing minerals, vitamins and calcium that are good for skin care whitens
   the skin by oppressing Melanin pigments and tranquilizes stimulated skin to be great for acne or sensitive skins.
   It is also great for rough and dried skin with high moisturizing effect.
   Grind 2~3 cucumbers, cover it in cotton handkerchief and dip it in bath water.
   You may slice the cucumbers, but juice them for best results. The effectiveness decreases if the water is too hot, so maintain 37~39°C.

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