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○ Kelp

- Kelp is the major source of vitamins and minerals that are often lacked in our everyday diet.  Boncho Gyeongsoron defines kelp as Gonpo that enhances energy and blood circulation.  Kelp roots contain calcium that maintains mental stability and prevents stress-induced hair loss.  Containing about 50 kinds of minerals, kelp can maintain nutritional balance and prevent hair loss.  It is also great for preventing health problems, such as hypertension, stroke, constipation, thyroid gland problems, osteoporosis, heart disease, skin infection, and diabetes.  About a spoonful (10g) of powdered kelp a day is known to control gastrointestinal and hepatic activities to treat obesity and constipation.  Donguibogam writes that kelp was used to prevent arteriosclerosis and scurvy.

○ Geumil Kelp Festival

- Geumil-eup holds Kelp Festival on the Local Residents’ Day.  This festival is designed to promote the quality kelp produced by the greatest producer of kelp in Korea in order to contribute to the local people’s income.  The festival is held at Geumil Beach for two days and offers many things to see and taste.  It attracts a lot of tourists to promote the quality kelp of Wando.


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