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Brown Seaweed
○ Brown Seaweed

- Wando is Korea’s greatest brown seaweed producer that produces about 80% of Korea’s brown seaweed.  Brown seaweed from this region is very high in fiber and known to prevent adult diseases.  Every 100g of brown seaweed contains 1,300mg of calcium, which is 13 times that of milk, 25 times that of spinach, and 200 times that of rice.  Brown seaweed is also ingested to help blood generation and purification.

Brown seaweed is great for osteoporosis, diabetes, and adult disease.  It also promotes metabolism to prevent constipation and obesity.  In addition, it can improve your physical constituents.  Bogildo Island is adjacent to the ocean with active tidal activities and nutritional salt supply.  Therefore, its seaweeds are very tasty and nutritional.  Bogildo Island is not very crowded and has water treatment plants in every village to preserve its clean seawater and to produce tasty, fresh specialty seafood.


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