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Gimnyeong Haenyeo Village

The food made of agar is low-caloric food so that agar food is good for overweight people. It also used for relieving constipation because it is helpful for stimulating intestines.Jelly made of the agar is widely used in the food industry for making ice cream, sausage, yoghurt and canned foods because jelly has a sticky quality. Making jam, jelly of 1~0.5% is contained into the jam in order to curdle it well.

Tot(a kind of marine algae)

Cheju Tot, inhabited in the blue belt, is a kind of natural marine algae gathered by woman drivers in the early spring. Especially, Japan imports almost of Cheju Tot because the Tot is a natural alkali food of which most Japanese are fond. Tot has medical effects for protecting aging and geriatric schizophrenia, making better hyperlipemia and hypertension, relieving constipation, preventing of attack from diabetes and cancer because it plentifully contains calcium, iron, fibroid material and many kinds of vitamins.

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