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Yellow Croaker

Chujado Island has fast current and deep, clean waters.  This is where warm current meets cold current, and the precious yellow croaker lays eggs here.

Chujado’s yellow croaker is caught by Yujamang, the one and only yellow croaker catcher in Korea, in the open seas near Jejudo Island.

The fast tides and bedrock underwater of the seas make it ideal to grow meaty and tasty yellow croaker.

Yellow croaker is a traditional food rich in protein that has been very popular across Korea.  Korean ancestors considered dried yellow croaker a valuable kind of fish.  As it contributes to digestion and supplies nutrition, <Donguibogam> called it “Jogi:” the fish that energizes you.


<How to cook yellow croaker>

1. Salt and grill as a whole

2. Remove bones and make fish cake

3. Boil in soup

4. Marinate and steam


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