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Guryongpo Crab (Large Crab)

What is a Guryongpo crab?
Guryongpo crab was named from its 10 legs as straight as bamboo trees extended from the body.
It lives along the entire coast of the East Sea. It is especially found in large quantities along the coast in Hamgyoungbuk-do in North Korea. However, the Oki Islands in Japan is now the largest crab-fishing site around the East Sea.
Guryongpo crabs are distributed to all areas of the nation, and their prices are cheaper if they are delivered directly from the fishing pier. Most crabs distributed across the nation are from Guryongpo, the largest producer of large crabs in the country where fresh large crabs can be tasted.
Most large crabs caught in Guryongpo are caught from the sea around Dockdo, an island near Ulnungdo, and the 200~400m clean sea near the west coast of Japan. They have a good quality and are clean.
Most Guryongpo crabs have a yellowish-red color, snow-like white plump flesh and a slightly sweet taste. They are not oily but chewy and have a soft shell.

Nutrients of Guryongpo crab
Gyrongpo crab is not oily but chewy and tasty. It is a treasure of essential amino acids. Its shell is rich in chitosan (chitin) and taurin acid. Chitosan is a natural substance extracted from the crab shell.
It has no toxicity, is well decomposed by enzymes generated in the body and promotes immunity. Chitosan is also used as an element for health foods and cosmetics thanks to its effects on promoting immunity and healthy liver functions, regulating the biorhythm and beautifying the skin.
Guryongpo crabs are exported to Japan. 2-aminoethane sulfuric acid supports liver functions, counteracts toxins in the liver and promotes a healthy metabolism. It also promotes secretion of bile, prevents development of gallstones, lowers the level of cholesterol, protects the body from fatigue and healthy recovery.
This substance was injected into crabs in the breeding season, and Guryongpo crabs were found to contain such a special substance in their eggs.
Special crab eggs containing taurin, which is good for the body, have been developed. Eggs of Guryongpo crabs, the most special crab eggs, are richer in 2-aminoethane sulfuric acid by 60% than eggs of ordinary Daegye, in calcium by 40.%, in phosphorous by 21% more, and contain more than 3 times the amount of Vitamin D3.
Thanks to their rich content of 2-aminoethane sulfuric acid and calcium, they are a good health food for children, old people and middle-aged people subject to osteoporosis, who have a lack of calcium.

For purchasing of Guryongpo crabs
Orders are received by the following offices via telephone.
Sales Dept. 2, Youngil Suhyop (Tel. 054-276-6621~2)
Guryongpo Suhyop (Tel. 054-276-2809 )

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