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It is impossible to exclude anchovies when listing the specialties of our village.  Fishermen of our village not only go out to catch the anchovies, but also use pound-nets.  Pound-net fishing is erecting bamboos in v-shape at a fast current and inducing the anchovies to the net surrounding the bamboos.  Using this method, the anchovies are maintained in their original state for freshness and cleanness.  Currently, they are supplied to large cities at high prices.  

Anchovies!  Mijo and Samdong region are renowned for their anchovy fishing.  Not only can’t the native people of our village, but also the visitors who have tasted the raw anchovy dish forgot the taste of live anchovies with sour pepper paste and vegetables.  The native people who had left their hometown come back to taste this.  Samdong Jijok Raw Fish restaurants provide the taste of raw anchovies.  Those who choose to stay in good homestay houses can taste this.  Come to taste Namhae’s raw anchovies, the king of calcium and of raw fish.  

- Indescribable Taste of Namhae’s Anchovies

Anchovies, the King of calcium caught from clean strait!  Naturally dried anchovies with sea winds and sunlight are the indescribably great specialty of Namhae.  With silvery color and dust-free appearance, they are best in quality.  They are caught in clean strait and dried under sunlight for high calcium content and for the best quality in Korea.  In particular, the pound-net caught anchovies of the fast current of Jijok’s Jijok Strait, are expensive but very popular.  


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