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Stone trapped anchovies

Every year in Byuljubu Village’s Norumi stone fish trap, over 2 tons of stone trapped anchovies are caught. They are caught in an unusual method, in which the anchovies that came inshore during the incoming tides get trapped in the stone fish trap during the ebb tide and they are taken out using a fish net. Anchovies inhabit in the continental shelf area that is about 0200m deep. They live in groups near the surface, and they migrate north after living near the shore during spring and summer. Egg-laying occurs twice in spring and fall, and they lay eggs at night in 20~30m water depth. Anchovies contain lots of nutrietns such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, kalium, vitamin, etc. Anchovies are used for soup, stir fry, boiled dish, fries, etc. Put anchovies in soup after you take off the head and intestines and leaving them in water over the night or after you lightly stir fry them without oil, you can remove the characteristic fishy smell of anchovies and make tasty soup.

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