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[ Clam ]
Ginseng of Sea Oyster, one of well-known cordial foods is a food that can give you the taste of sea and that you can take for your own health.
[Chamdarae_Oyster ]
Cheonsu Bay tideland is famous as a vast and vigorous tideland. Various types of fish and seashells are collected here, and especially there are lots of bajiraks. The village gains a high profit by se...
Since the old days, abalones have been known as being qualitatively different from other seafoods in terms of both taste and nutrition that Korean cout cuisines cannot be put into words excluding abal...
In Norumi beach, over 100 tons of King Bajiraks are produced every year. They are also called banjirakor banjiraeki. They are the most popular seashell among Koreans, and they live on phytoplanktons i...
[Ba-ji-rak (surf clam)]
- Ba-ji-rak is another hidden jewel that grows in the sand banks of Goheung Sin-gi Turtle Village that has pure waters. A major specialty of the village besides ark shells and garlic, ‘ba-ji-rak’ is t...
[Ark shells]
- Ark shells which grow in the pure waters of Deuk-ryang bay sea of Goheung, are a type of shellfish enjoyed by many people since long ago. Ark shells of Goheung Sin-gi Village, which are sold to vari...
Abalone used to be the most preferred ingredient for palace food in the old times. It is clearly distinguished from other kinds of seafood in taste and nutrient. Nothing in abalone from the shell to...
Oyster is distributed between November and April. It is moderate in size and has a nutty taste. Abundant in nutrients, it is often called "the sea milk." It becomes particularly nutritious in winte...
[Short-necked Clams]
Short-necked clam is a type of clam similar to corb shell. It is about 4-6cm in size. The shell is white-grayish yellow and the meat is white. It lives in the sandy soil where freshwater meets seaw...
Abalone used to be the most preferred ingredient for palace food in the old times. It is clearly distinguished from other kinds of seafood in taste and nutrient. Nothing in abalone from the shell to...
[Gamurak (A short-necked clam)]
The Gamuraks in Oido color black and, compared to other Gamuraks collected in other regions, the color is much darker.
[Dongjuk (A thin-shelled surf clam)]
Dongjuks are the most collected clams in Oido and their value is not so great; however, the taste is sweet so they are used for soups or noodle soups.
[Short necked clam]
Short necked clam belongs to the bivalve family and looks like a fan. It is 4Cm long and 3Cm high, and its color can be changed often.
[Marine Products]
The major specialty of the village is oyster. Oyster from Cheongjeong Water can’t be compared to that of any other places. People who have tasted it, visit the village again every year. You can cook ...
[Bajirak (short-necked clam)]
Deungyangman, where it is close to Jangheung, Bosung, and Goheung peninsula, has abundant shellfishes in its mudflat. During ebb tide of Deungyangman, bajirak field is created on the mudflat.
[Pen shell]
Pen shell lives in 20~50m deep mud of the ocean, found mostly near the south seashore of Deungnyangman and Yeojaman, the west seashore of Boryeong and Seocheon.
“Jecheop” in Seomjin River“Jecheop” which is also called “Gangjogae” is a kind of fresh water clam which lives under the sand which has of the mouth of the river which opens mouth to the sea water.
Abalone is a shellfish commonly eaten lightly steamed with hot paste sauce and as a side dish served with liquor. The best ways to enjoy abalone are to eat it lightly steamed or raw when it's fresh.
[common octopus/short-necked clams/oysters/cyclina sinensis]
as one of the most caught marine products in the Gungpyeongri tideland, its flesh is chewy and the taste gets better as you chew it so that the common octopuses from this village are called
[Short-necked Clams]
Short-necked clams are very popular among Korean people. Sinsi-do village start harvesting cultivated short-necked clam after early summer.
[Pickled Charybdis japonica (Blue Crabs)]
Blue crabs live number rocks. They have strong claws and may cause injuries when caught with bare hands. Blue crabs are not very meaty, but are very delicious.
[Beolgyo Ark Shell]
"Renowned for chewy and salty taste,” Beolgyo Ark Shells were used to serve the Kings. They are pollution-free food produced in the creamy-fine sticky fertile mud lands of Beolgyo. They start to dev...
[Wando ear shells]
Wando ear shells have great amount of minerals and low fat and protein, so are great healthy food for new mothers, children, elders and patients.
[Jijok Gaetbeol Village's Clam]
Called the Milk of the Sea, oysters are abundant in nutrition and good for anybody. It is best for Kimchi and beauty food for women and prevents adult diseases.
[Baby clams/oysters]
Gochang’s special seafood includes baby clams, Pungcheon eels, seawed and oysters. Their baby clam production is the largest in Korea to provide the baby clams abundant in vitamin and iron content. ...
[Yuldo Baby Clams]
Popular fishery products of Mokpo Yuldo Laver Village include support-cultured laver, baby clams and thin-legged octopuses.
[Anadara Granosa, Oysters]
Grown in the broad tidal wetlands of Jangheung filled with maritime ecologies as a Fishery Resource Preservation Zone, Anadara Granosa and oysters grow in the seas during flood tides and mature under ...
[Geomundo Ear Shells]
Fishery products of Yeosu Geomundo Village include silvery hairtails, mackerels, ear shells and rocky seaweed.
[Warty sea squirt ]
Yeong Bok Park, who had had a deep relation with the sea, still had a lingering affection for the sea, so that he went to Geoje Island and started the ark shell cultivation, which is the starting poin...
[Sea Cucumber]
The gristle of the sea cucumner including chondroitin is helpful for strengthening the internal organs of human and protecting the aging of the skin.
[The abalone]
The abalone belongs to the genus Haliotidae. From old days, it had ruled as king of the shells and sometimes appeared in ancient documents as a mysterious object and an object of envy. The abalone is...
[Yeonggwang clam]
Visiting Seoldopogu, Yeomsan-myeon, one can enjoy the Yeonggwang clam fully. It is said ‘enjoy shellfish in spring and octopus in the autumn’. Shellfish tastes excellent in spring; especially, clams...
Bajiraks as a main income source are produced all around the year except from early July to mid August and are popular as a reliever of fatigue and hangover. If you come from March to June while it is...
It grows in the clean water and thereby, its freshness cannot be compared with others because it is natural shell of clean valley.
This oyster is called 'Seokhwa (stone flower)' because its shape is as beautiful as a flower. It is called 'milk of the sea' because it has abundant protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and inorganic subs...
[Sea Urchin]
A sea urchin is rich in protein, vitamins and iron, so it is known to be good for those suffering from anemia. Because it has a good taste, it is used for patients in the recovery state when they have...
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