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Dried Yellow Croaker
Dried fish>>
Chujado Island’s dried yellow croaker uses sun-dried salt that is dried over a year and has just the right amount of saltiness.

Salted and cleaned 3-4 times in lightly salted water, the fish is then naturally dried under the fresh sea breeze.  This makes dried yellow croaker both tasty and sanitary.

Dried yellow croaker is less fishy than fresh yellow croaker and has lots of protein with low calories.  It is also full of calcium, vitamin A, niacin, and minerals and low in cholesterol.

There is an interesting story about its name.  

During the time of King Injong, the 17th king of the Goryeo Dynasty, Yi, Ja Gyeom revolted and was exiled to Jeongju.  One day, he tasted a dried yellow croaker and was enticed by the taste.  He sent it up to King Injong.  At that time, Yi named this fish “Gulbi” to imply that he will never surrender his faith.

<How to cook a dried yellow croaker>

1. Grill as a whole with no seasoning

2. Fry in oil as a whole

3. Boil in soup

4. Marinade and steam


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Yellow Croaker
Dried Yellow Croaker
Dried fish>>
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