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[ Dried fish ]
[Dried Yellow Croaker]
Chujado Island’s dried yellow croaker uses sun-dried salt that is dried over a year and has just the right amount of saltiness.
Jindo anchovies are caught in Korea’s cleanest seas. Jindo Seas has almost no source of contamination and its fast currents quickly purify contamination.
Anchovy has been referred to as various different names in several old Chinese and Korean books. Japanese call anchovy, Katakuchiiwashi. It grows up to 15 cm in length. Physically an anchovy has an ov...
Anchovies have been a very popular condiment for Korean people. Sinsi-do Seom Village dries freshly caught anchovies in sea breeze and direct sunlight to preserve the original taste and quality of an...
[gelje gujora tourism sea village]
Anchovies caught around Gujora Sea Village are less fishy, not bitter and soft. In particular, they contain DHA that improves the learning abilities of kids, so they are pollution-free natural food f...
[Special Product]
Yellow Pollock is produced only when Walleye Pollock endures through the severe coldness of winter. Yellow Pollock with soft meat and sweet taste is the major specialty of Jinburyeong region.
Yellow Pollocks are cleaned in East Sea of Gangwon Province from every Dec, transported to Jinbu Pass of Taebaek Mountain Ranges, the backbone of Gangwon Province, washed clean in freshwater and dried...
[Homigot Village]
Fresh markerel, immediately after they are caught from the crystal clean east sea, are frozen at 10oC below zero. They are dried in the open yard from December by being frozen and thawed repeatedly. T...
[Hwajinpo Village]
Alaska Pollack from far northern part of east sea, which is clean ocean, has the best lean taste among other fishes. Its protein, which contains rich amino acid, which is essential for human growth an...
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