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Anadara Granosa, Oysters
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<<photo18.jpg>> Grown in the broad tidal wetlands of Jangheung filled with maritime ecologies as a Fishery Resource Preservation Zone, Anadara Granosa and oysters grow in the seas during flood tides and mature under warm southern sunlight during ebb tides.  Therefore, they have great chewy and salty taste.  The taste of Anadara Granosa grown in the muddy wetlands of Jangheung that is uniquely sticky and soft is widely recognized in Korea. 
Anadara Granosa contains 23% of protein and even distribution of essential amino acids.  They particularly contain abundant niacin and histidine.  Their taurine and beta-phosphorous are great for physical strengthening, so are effective in neutralizing alcoholic liver and for diabetes and high blood pressure.  Therefore, Chinese great favor our Anadara Granosa for physical strengthening and therefore, our Anadara Granosa was used to serve the Kings. 
Oysters are a good source of various nutritional factors.  Called the milk of seas or treasure of seas, they are loved as superior nutritional food.  The protein content of oysters is about 10% being half that of fish (20%), but 3 times that of milk (3%).  Oysters nutritionally resemble milk as they contain balanced nutritional factors. 
Oysters have increased fat and glycogen in Dec~Feb to be most tasteful, nutritional and well-absorbed.  Avoid having them in May~ Aug (Summer) during their hatching season, because they are not as tasteful and may contain toxins.  Oysters were also used for medical purposes.  The shells were grilled and pulverized to be applied on wounds to stop bleeding (Eastern Medicine Thesaurus).
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