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Marine Products

Gul (Oyster)

The major specialty of the village is oyster. Oyster from Cheongjeong Water can't be compared to that of any other places. People who have tasted it, visit the village again every year.

You can cook rice, eat raw, pancakes with oyster but oyster grilled in charcoal fire tastes the best.

From the ancient time, oyster is known for its full nutrients. Oyster is 10% protein, although it's half of other fishes' 20% , still doubles the amount of milk, 3%.

For its balanced and rich nutrients it is similar to milk.


Meongge (Sea Squirt)

Along with oyster, sea squirt is also a specialty of this village.

After washed in water, it is most tasteful when eaten with vinegared red pepper paste.

In order to choose good sea squirt, it should not be dry on outside and darker the color is, better the quality. After peeled, color of the skin should be orange and thick. Without fishy smell, sea quirt with its original scent counted as fresh and tasty.

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