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Bajirak (short-necked clam)

Deungyangman, where it is close to Jangheung, Bosung, and Goheung peninsula, has abundant shellfishes in its mudflat.  During ebb tide of Deungyangman, bajirak field is created on the mudflat.

This region has the best condition for bajiraks, appropriate ebb and flow of the tide and water depth of 2~3m.  

The bajiraks and pen shells from this region are especially chewy and delitious.

Although bajirak tastes a little bad during late spring through the beginning of summer due to its spawning, it is an all-season food and great for people suffering liver diseases or cholelithiasis.  Bajirak soup is also great for people with digestive trouble.


In Kijogae Village, people eat raw bajiraks.  It tastes best between March and April.

Also popular for bajirak cut noodles, bajirak is fresh seafood which propels detoxification of livers.  It is also popular in Southern Food Festival due to its great taste.


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Bajirak (short-necked clam)
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