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Abalone is a shellfish commonly eaten lightly steamed with hot paste sauce and as a side dish served with liquor. The best ways to enjoy abalone are to eat it lightly steamed or raw when it's fresh.


Due to its scarcity and expensiveness, it is necessary to be extra careful when choosing the right abalone. Most of the abalone from South Korea is oval-shaped and the proportion of the width and length is usually 2 to 3.

The abalone produced in Yeosu is well known for its freshness and taste. The rapid flow of water is one of the geographic features that contribute to the clean water in the area where quality seaweed grows and feeds the abalone. For such reason, fine quality abalone is also found near seaweed, delivering some of the best tasting and nutritious abalone available.


The abalone from Gaedo is recognized for its fresh taste and vivid color.

Up to a few hundred tons of abalone is produced annually. Although abalone marketing traditionally has depended on the off-line marketplace, recently producers have actively started to participate in reaching the consumers directly through on-line stores. Abalone is considered a great delicacy which was served to royalty in the past.

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