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Gimnyeong Haenyeo Village
Sea Cucumber

The gristle of the sea cucumner including chondroitin is helpful for strengthening the internal organs of human and protecting the aging of the skin.
The sea cucumber is the best vigorous sea food because it has an ability of softening the alcoholic pains.In nutrition, the sea cucumber has plentiful of calcium and iodine, especially, alginic acid so that it is helpful to accelerate the metabolism and purify the blood of human.
The sea cucumber is juice and alkali food because it has less animal protein than any other animal food.

Ear Shell

The ear shell widely inhabits from depth of 4m to 20m accordingly of species. In Korea, there are 5 species of ear shell inhabit.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of ear shells in Cheju including Nordotis gigantean, and Sulculus diversicolor.The ear shell is well-nourished seafood good for stamina, containing protein, vitamins, inorganic matters and so on. The ear shell the most expensive food among the kind of shells.
The ear shell food is goof for nourished food for pregnant woman, people having obesity and patients suffering from liver cirrhosis. Especially, it is good for recovering the liver function.The ear shell contains plentiful of vitamin B1 and B2, minerals such as calcium and phosphorus so that it used since long time ago.
For example, when a woman deliverd of a baby dose not make the milk flow even 7 days thereafter, it is effective to eat the soup of ear shell in order to make the milk flow easily. The ear shell is also used for aided food for patient suffering from tuberculosis.

Sulculus diversicolor

In Cheju, it is called as "Obunjaegi".
The shell is small; the length is about 80mm. The holes are 7~8 and does not protrude over the shell different from general ear shell.
The outer surface of the shell has red color and some green color and is flattened. The inside of the shell has a pearly luster.
It inhabits around Korea and Japan and is used for food source.
Obunjagi has plentiful of inorganic matters such as calcium and iron good for forming bone structure, protecting osteroporosis and helping hematopoiesis. The water soluble vitamin B1, having effect for reproduction of cells, and B2, having protecting function for aging, are helpful for human health


The conch plentifully inhabits in the southern ocean of Korea because that there aids for proper environment for conch because of the warm current of the ocean. The yellow conch in Cheju has some horn shaped protrusions formed for surviving against the wild waves and ocean currents.
From old times, the woman divers have harvested the conch, nowadays, the most harvested amount is imported to Japan.
According to the herb medical book of Korea, conch source can be used as one of the best medicines making people to be refreshed and enhance his memory. Conch has been used as a medicine because it can enhance person's eyesight, slake person's thirst, effect as a diuretic and soften alcohol diseases when a person is drunk.
Conch is good seafood containing calcium which is helpful for protecting osteoporosis, forming bones, and maintaining person's body in alkali state. It also contains iron one of ingredient of blood. Furthermore, conch has an effect for preventing to become fat and protecting raise person's blood pressure high.

Sea urchin 

The sea urchin is mainly harvested from last of May to Jun at the near sea of Cheju. During this period, the sea urchin puts on weight and is get taste so that the woman diver of Cheju gather sea urchin stuck on the rocks. "stichopus japonicus" is the spices inhabiting naturally in Cheju, it has yellow meats of sweet taste.
When a person has no appetite, sea urchin is goof choice. The dark yellow egg of sea urchin having strong taste is a good accompaniment of drinks whereas; light yellow egg of urchin is good for making side dishes or porridges.People can enjoy the sea urchin as salted one, soup and porridges.

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