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Homigot Village
Sea Urchin

A sea urchin is rich in protein, vitamins and iron, so it is known to be good for those suffering from anemia. Because it has a good taste, it is used for patients in the recovery state when they have no appetite.
The dark yellow eggs of sea urchins are good to take with wine, while light yellow eggs are good for porridge or side dishes served to go with rice. Sea urchin eggs can be pickled or cooked for soup or porridge.
They are called Undan. Because they are rare and have an outstanding taste, they are classified as an exclusive food. They are not available at anytime or any place.
Especially, eggs of sea urchins caught in Homigot are all exported to Japan for their incomparable taste and quality.

Harvest season
- Far eastern violet sea urchin (Baekundan)
End of July ~ Middle of August
- Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus (Jeokundan)
End of September ~ early November

Producers (in Homigot)

- Daecheon Food Co., Daebo-1-ri, Daebo-myon (Do-shik Moon)  054)284-9646
- Boseong Trading Co., Ltd., 8-1 Guman-ri, Daebo-myon (Myeong-seop Yoon)    054)284-9691
- Boseong Pickles, 236-2 Daebo-2-ri, Daebo-myon (Sang-deok Ha)  054)284-9652
- Daewon Food Co., Gangsa-2-ri, Daebo-myon (Jeong-chul Kim)    054)284-8799
- Youngshin Co., 691-14 Gangsan-2-ri, Daebo-myon (Jang-woong Cheon)    054)284-0083
- Daejin Food Co., Guman-1-ri, Daebo-myon (Jin-soo Go)    054)284-8833

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