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Ark shells
- Ark shells which grow in the pure waters of Deuk-ryang bay sea of Goheung, are a type of shellfish enjoyed by many people since long ago. Ark shells of Goheung Sin-gi Village, which are sold to various locations around the country including the nearby Beol-kyo market, are disseminated in July~August through the village’s public project, and after 1~2 years they are harvested and sold as products. Because of the excellent quality and taste, people from all over the country visit the village during the ark shell harvesting period for purchase.

- In order to provide you with the enjoyment of digging ark shells in vast sand banks, Sin-gi Turtle Village utilizes its public ark shell fishery to enforce public ark shell digging of the villagers and the ark shell?surf clamp digging experience of visitors, and therefore many tourists and visitors come and enjoy the experience activities. At the sand bank of Deuk-ryang bay which is famous for its pure waters, learn of the importance of nature, feel the mystery of sand bank ecology and also try the taste ark shells.  

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