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[ Seasoning ]
[Traditional Mureung soybean Paste]
Soybean paste in a traditional food from ancestors and it has been loved by all the people because of great taste and various effects. It is representing Korean food for great taste and flavors. Mureu...
[Silk salt]
Rock salt of Bi-geum Rock Salt Village is produced in salt fields in a clean region 50km away from land, and it is a best-quality well-being food produced by containing and purifying uncontaminated ...
Sandong of Mokpo has been producing Jubak Jangajji with Muloe using traditional methods. It is highly popular among many epicures with its unique taste and flavor. Muloe is similar to Nanaske, or Ja...
[Geumdangsil Village]
They are produced in scenic Yechun Geumdangsil. We are producing honey taking into consideration the fact that they are all our family.
[Eunjagol Village]
Red pepper is separated to unripe pepper for reproduction and item red pepper for seasoning recently, but utilization of item red pepper occupied most in old times. The most dominating vegetable since...
[Hwajinpo Village]
Sea tangle powder, from far northern east sea and dehydration at pollution-free area, is
[Buyun Village]
Carefully select the best quality of red peppers grown in Eumseong to make powered red pepper through hygienic processing. Various sizes of packages i.e., 200g, 500g, 1kg and 5kg are available.
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