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[ Salted fish ]
[Salted Fish (Jeotgal)]
Geoje salted anchovies are made by the mixture of salt and anchovies caught in Namhae Sea and in certain ratio. It is manufactured after that is fermented and matured.
[Ganggyeong Tasty Salted Food]
Fish, shellfish or their meat, intestines or reproductory orgas of fish, shellfish are salted to prevent decomposition bacteria and the meats are dissolved by the enzymes of the fish and outer microor...
[Mundang Ecology Village]
Gwangcheon-eup is filled with salted shrimps stores as much as to be named Salted Shrimps Town. There is a conventional market for Gwangcheon Togul Salted Shrimp together with streets lined up with To...
[Sunchang Gochujang Village]
Jjang-cucumber is also called as Janggwa. It means a side dish, which is made of radish, cucumber or garlic left to be matured after being dried.
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