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Pear Juice
Our sweet pears are grown from fertile soils and certified as chemical-free produce.  It is a healthy food you can safely eat.




1. Wash scallions, ginger, Chinese bellflower, and dates in flowing water.
2. Use the roots of scallions, Chinese bellflower, and ginger and dip them in honey for about a day.  
   2.1. Use the bulky part of the scallion roots about 1/10 of the size of a pear. (Remove all hair.)  
   2.2. Use ginseng about 1/10 of the size of a pear.   
   2.3. Use Chinese bellflower about 1/10 of the size of a pear.  Try to use the roots rather than the body.
3. Wash pears in flowing water and use a knife and spoon to dig out the center part with seeds.   
   (Dig out from one side and leave the other side closed.)
4. Fill the hole in the center of the pears with scallions, Chinese bellflower, and ginger dipped in honey.
5. Make citrus tea and add dates (5-6 dates) and the pear.
6. Simmer the tea for about 2 hours in a double boiler.   
   (The tea does not reduce because it is in a double boiler.  Simmer until the water reduces to 1/3 of its original amount or the pear is completely cooked.)
7. After simmering, use a fine sieve to pour the juice and use a ladle to drain the juice out of the pear.
8. Do not mash the pear too hard.  Be careful not to let large chunks go through the sieve.  
   (Drain ginseng, Chinese bellflower, scallions, and dates along with the pear.)
9. Keep the juice warm and drink it as often as desired.

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