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Sangju Dried Persimmons
○ Sangju Dried Persimmons  

1. Characteristics: Nakdong Riverside’s fertile soils can produce quality dried persimmons that are highly popular nationwide.  Naturally dried persimmons of Sangju have a high sugar content, soft texture, and outstanding taste and quality compared to other regions’ dried persimmons.
Persimmon trees are arbors that grow in the southern part of Korea.  Its orange blossoms bloom in May and June and persimmons ripen into orange or red fruits in autumn.  These friendly persimmon trees are the most frequently found fruit trees around us.  Sangju Gam Village provides adequate temperatures and soils to grow good quality persimmon trees.  Particularly, our village particularly has many processed foods using persimmon leaves and fruits, such as persimmon leaf tea, dried persimmons, fully ripened persimmons, persimmon vinegar, pickled persimmon, nectar, juice, jam, and Sujeonggwa.
2. Production  
- Production Sites: Naeseo, Namwon-dong, Oinam, Hwaseo
- Area: 526 ha  (Largest in Korea)

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Special product
Sangju Dried Persimmons
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