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Neowa Village
Polygonatum was regarded a food for Hermit having good smell and some medical effects because it has gradients good for health and nutrition. So it is helpful herb for weak persons, especially.It is acceptable almost persons not related with physical constitution of them, differ from Ginseng.

Tea of Polygonatum  is good for person who is in condition of painful of arms and legs, of fevers, of thirst by diabetes, of vertigo and others. Another method for enjoying Polygonatum is drinking by mixing about 5 gram of grind Polygonatum with honey or ginger tea. Furthermore, it is good for relieving cold or fever and lowering the heart pressure or sugar level in the blood.The young leaves of Polygonatum is used for Korean salad, the root is boiled or grilled for food.

Juice of kuzu vine
The juice of kuzu vine is made of the kuzu vine naturally inhabited around the Neowa village, the high land of clean area.The kuzu vine is a kind of greens of vine. Traditionally, it is widely used for food and medicine herb.The Galgun which is generally used for medicine herb has good medical virtue specially in the root part of below 30cm underground. In traditional herb medicine, it has been used for reducing fever, cold and pain, stopping blooding, resolving from alcohol pain, improving harmful condition from diabetes.

The juice of kuzu vine of Neowa village has no additional artificial material such as antiseptic, food color or aromatics.According to the BonChoGangMok, the juice is good for relieving fatigue and for curing gastroenteric trouble by drinking 50ml of it after dinner.In summer, it can used for source of cold noodle, it has unique taste.

The usage of kuzu vine
The kuzu vine is contained leguminous plants and vine plants easily found in the mountain and field.In spring, the new bud of kuzu vine grows from the surface of the ground, it is very soft and has sweet taste. People are used to eat the root of kuzu vine as it is or make a tea.The vine is used for alternatives for rope or fodder for rabbits or goats.

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