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samsaeng Village
Steamed corn bread

Hongcheon has the widest cultivation area of corn in Korea, among them Seoseok-myeon's cultivation area is the widest. Corn is the cherished crop, the joys and the sorrows of the Hongcheon region. The people that lived in the hinterland in the mountains had corn for dinner always due to shortages of food.
So, cooking using corn became a natural wisdom of life. Steamed corn bread was made of corn giving life to old taste and nostalgia, it stimulates person's appetite on account of getting putting together the tastiness of corn and sweetness of the red bean.   

- Steamed bread with red bean
It is the bread giving life to ancient bread made of Korean corn and red beans, fascinating the tip of the tongue by harmonizing tastiness of corn and sweetness of the red bean.

- Steamed bread flavored vegetable pizza
Though giving a flavor with all sorts of vegetable and western taste, it displays peculiar taste and is suitable for snack for children.

How to have it deliciously
- Steam for 10-15 minutes in a cooker.
- in the case of using an electronic range, eat after warming it 1-2 minutes with wrapping
- Steam for 10-15 minutes covering the bottom of a heat retaining cooker with clean wet towel.
- Keep in a freezer when preserving for long 

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