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Samsin green-tea Village
Qualities of Hwagae Wild Green Tea

The Tea tree is a subtropical species belonging to the shrub tree family. Main areas of growth are scattered broadly from tropical regions to temperate regions. The ideal temperature range and annual rainfall for tea are 12.5~12oC and over 1300mm. Tea can strongly resist mildly acidic soil, and the leaves are harvested 2~4 times a year. The soil for tea cultivation must have many nutrients including nitrogen. Most of the tea cultivated in Korea is Var. Bohea.

Harvest Period

-First crop : Leaves are picked from mid-April to the beginning of May. The flavor is mild and excellent.
-Second crop : Leaves are picked during the second half of June. The taste is strong and not as good as the first harvest.
-Third crop : Leaves are picked during the first two weeks of August. The taste is very astringent and a little bitter.
-Fourth crop : Leaves are picked during the last week of September through the first week of October. Due to rich fiber, the shape is rough and the taste is not so good.

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