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[ Others ]
Koeunbit (good color) potato soap: This is the natural soap made from Koeunbit potato cultivated in Daegwanryeong as a main ingredient . This is the pure natural cosmetic for which we use pure natura...
[Soy bean paste]
Most Korean dishes are seasoned with soy sauce•soy bean paste•chili paste, etc to bring out their tastes, and thus the taste of the sauces become basic elements determining the taste of food. It is po...
Imsil Cheese is the origin of Korea’s cheese industry which was established and developed by Father Jung Hwan Ji (Serstevens) from Belgium. We use fresh milk from the pasture and 40 years of processi...
[Sand Hill (Wine)]
Sahyun Wine Sand Hill – The value of prestige Sahyun Grape Village’s Sand Hill Wine symbolizes Sahyun’s quality soil of pebbles and yellow earth. In fact, Sahyun means Sand Hill in Chinese writing. ...
[Processed Sahyun Grapes]
Grape vinegar stimulates appetite and relieves fatigue!! Sahyun Grape Village’s grape vinegar is made with quality Sahyun Grapes. It has the natural sour taste of vinegar, but is only moderately ta...
[Processed Sahyun Grapes]
Sahyun Grape Village’s grape juice is made with grapes that are grown in the best soil of pebbles and yellow earth, sea breeze, and rainfall to cultivate grapes. The grapes are grown covered and not ...
[Soybean Paste]
As the name of Jang Village tells us, Jeungpyeong is known for the taste of its fermented soybean products.
[Soybean Blocks]
As the name of Jang Village tells us, Jeungpyeong is known for the taste of its fermented soybean products. Made with the soybeans grown in the fertile soils of Jeungpyeong, the soybean blocks have b...
Haenam Endland Kimchi Village uses Nappa cabbage, garlic, hot pepper, sun-dried salt, oyster, and fermented fish sauce produced in the local area to make Kimchi and stores Kimchi in caverns. Because ...
We have automated facilities that produce 70,000 bottles of Ganoderma lucidum and honey beverages a day. These beverages are designated as Excellent Quality Farm Specialty (No. 13-00-5) of Chungcheon...
[Mt. Gyeryong Starch Syrup]
Mt. Gyeryong Starch Syrup is made with the clean waters of Mt. Gyeryong, Korean rice, and malt and processed in a traditional way (open concentration). The syrup is not too sweet and has the comforti...
[Injin Mugwort Products]
Injin mugwort of Haedam Village is a quality mugwort grown in the deep valleys and forests of Seo-myeon in Yangyang-gun.
aenam Endland Kimchi Village uses Nappa cabbage, garlic, hot pepper, sun-dried salt, oyster, and fermented fish sauce produced in the local area to make Kimchi and stores Kimchi in caverns.
[Aralia Shoots]
Aralia shoots are high in protein and contain lipid, sugar, fiber, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and vitamins (B1, B2, C) to reduce blood sugar and lipid level.
[Yellow Earth Soybean Block, Soybean Paste]
Our soybean blocks are made of soybeans cultivated in the best condition of soil.
[Soybean Powder]
Saldun Village’s soybean powder is 100% made with the soybeans cultivated in our village. Soybean is fermented and ground into powder.
[Fermented Foods]
Soybean, barley, wheat, and rice can all be made into fermented foods using different methods.
[Soybean Paste]
Soybean paste is a winter-time instant food that is high in nutrition and easily digested.
[Painted Maple Sap]
Painted Maple SapPainted maple sap is often called Golisu as it is good for the bone. Our painted maple sap is collected from the painted maple trees that naturally grow in 600-900m altitude.
[Acanthopanax senticosus]
There are three types of Acanthopanax senticosus. They are naturally grown in the rocky valleys of Gangwon-do, between 600m and 900m in altitude, and in the mountainous areas higher than 1,000m on Mt...
[Onion Juice]
Onion juice can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere as you can never drink too much of it.
[Pear Juice]
Our sweet pears are grown from fertile soils and certified as chemical-free produce. It is a healthy food you can safely eat.
[Sangju Dried Persimmons]
1. Characteristics: Nakdong Riverside’s fertile soils can produce quality dried persimmons that are highly popular nationwide.
[Specialties (Soybean Paste)]
We use soybean paste made with 100% fresh soybean from clean farmlands and do not use preservatives, dyes, or chemical additives.
[Gorosoe tree fluid]
Gorosoe is a broadleaf tree that belongs to maple family, and grows in highlands of 500∼1000m above the sea level. The tree grows in Korea, Japan, Manchuria, American and Canana.
[Processed Food]
Meju (Fermented Soybeans) We ferment beans, barley, wheat, rice and etc. when making Meju and there are many different ways to make Meju. Dujang can be classified as Si and Maljang and Maljang is ...
Buckwheat is normally cultivated in mid-mountain area, and the buckwheat food such as buckwheat rice cake and buckwheat jelly are health foods.
[peach producing]
peach producing
[Discorea batatas Noodle]
As depicted in Samgukyusa’s love story of Prince Seodong and Princess Seonhwa, Discorea batatas of Seodong is an invaluable native farm product of Iksan. In today’s desire for unique tasting and heal...
[Traditional Rice Taffy]
A traditional taste from long ago Since the old times, many farm households in Baksagol Samgye region have enjoyed rice taffy. This tradition has been succeeded until today and has made Samgye rice ...
[farming method]
An environmentally friendly farming method in a semi-high land
[pine nuts]
Name of the specialty: Pine nuts Boasting: Pine nuts have been considered as a precious food. Whenever you lose your energy and appetite, a bowl of gruel restores your energy and
[Boseong bunong]
As they are known to be『effective for internal/external uses for 300 kinds of diseases with no side effects』, they are great for skin care, dieting and detoxication and perform anti-flammatory activit...
[Jecheon WoRakSanYakCho]
It is a healthy food made by mixing safflower, cultivated by our Producer’s Committee in the sandy limestone soils containing infinite amount of calcium, which is the major component of bones, and wit...
[Gamgol village]
Persimmon vinegar of Dongsang Gamgol Village is produced by the naturally grown persimmons rather than the artificially cultured persimmons of other villages. The naturally fallen persimmons are proc...
[baekhak information network village]
Pears in bottles, grapes in bottles…! They are patented specialty of clean Yeoncheon. Produced in small quantity once a year and bottled in chemical-free bottles, they are natural products that are...
[Magpie Village]
Pickled Japanese radish uniquely harmonizes slight sweet and salty tastes to be loved by many people. To obey your taste, you may add sesame oil, thickly shredded red pepper and seasoned sesame.
[Okjeongho Village]
Among many specialties of our village, mushrooms, young deer antlers, hemps and persimmon vinegars are systematically managed and tried to be produced as close to the nature as possible by the produce...
White grubs are the larva of Korea’s native dotted flowers living in the old straw-roofed houses of Korea. They help liver and treat liver diseases and are effective for fatigues and skin care as wel...
[Gayasan Green Tour Village]
Seongju is Korea’s leading producer of melons. Our ancestor soy-seasoned half-ripened melon, cucumber, radish and persimmons to store then for a longer period of time to overcome famines. The soy-se...
[hwangsan village]
The traditional fermented soybean of Hwangsan Village maintains the traditional taste of those made by our mothers.
[paroho village]
Sanyacho is an environmental beverage made out of more than 38 kinds of wild plants’ leaves collected in deep forests of Yonghwa Mountains and by fermenting them for over a year. It is a great bevera...
[Pyeingdong Korean cake town]
It is the ddeok (Korean style cake) that was known as sulddeok. It is ddeok made through fermenting rice powder with rice wine and expanding it.
[Neowa Village]
Polygonatum was regarded a food for Hermit having good smell and some medical effects because it has gradients good for health and nutrition. So it is helpful herb for weak persons, especially.
[Mosan Village]
Indigenous product: Onion beverage contains 80% onion extract, diet cellulose, honey, condensed apple, and therefore, is a health drink that helps skin beauty and diet
[Goeup sweet persimmon Village]
Since there is tannic acid in persimmon and it has medical abilities to stop loose bowels and heal stomachache, it has been enjoyed since ancient times. Persimmon vinegar has 4 times the vitamin C of ...
[Togomi Village]
Original sesame oil that is made from high quality sesame.
[samsaeng Village]
Hongcheon has the widest cultivation area of corn in Korea, among them Seoseok-Myeon’s cultivation area is the widest. Corn is the crop cherished the joys and sorrows of Hongcheon region. The people l...
[Samsin green-tea Village]
The Tea tree is a subtropical species belonging to the shrub tree family. Main areas of growth are scattered broadly from tropical regions to temperate regions. The ideal temperature range and annual ...
[Buyun Village]
Eumseong-kun is the well-known cultivation area of the yellow tobacco plant for its optimum conditions including the climate and soil.
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