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[ Korean cookie ]
[Ramie leaf songpyon]
Ramie leaf Songpyon, Younggwang’s specialty and pride, is a traditional well-being food made with organic rice and ramie leaves grown against the clean sea breeze of the western sea
[Folk Snack]
Folk snack is sweet rice flour kneaded with wine, steamed, stirred for shaping, dried, fried, dipped in syrup or honey, and coated.
[Korean Snack]
Korean snacks are made in the traditional way.
[Songchoen Village]
Order-taking and production of rice cakes are mainly managed by Women’s Committee of Songcheon and all the villagers help producing them putting their best effort to each piece.
[Yangdong Folk Village]
Yakgwa has been an essential item for religious service. Oil and honey pastry is frequently called Yakwa since Yakwa is a representative cookie of oil and honey pastry.
[Ganggyeong Jeokkal Market Village]
As Yeonsan jujube oil-and-honey-pastry is cooked as a traditional cookery with Yeonsan Jujube , glutinous rice and sesame, it is not sweet. It is high quality jujube oil-and-honey-pastry of which trad...
[Galgol Han-gwa Village]
Traditional Korean cookies have been called Gwajeongryu to distinguish them from foreign cookies. Development of Gwajeongryu, made of grains and honey, goes back to the days when production of grain...
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