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Sanseong Village
Sanseong Native Liquor

Rice wine, Sanseong Rice Wine that was made for soldiers during the period to construct The Fortress Wall of Mt. Gumjeongin 16 century was encouraged as local indigenous product by president, Jeong-Heui Park in 1978. In present, it is monopolized and provided by one company.
It is banned to provide to other area except Gumseong Dong. Sanseong native liquor uses underground water that is in the depth of 182m of underground as material. Its water taste is outstanding so it is impossible to make this taste in other area. Its manufacturing process depends on traditional one and it is naturally fermented liquor that all artificial materials are not used. Scale of Sanseong native liquor is very small because it provides to village in spring and fall when there are many visitors. from 2001, it was possible to provide Sanseong native liquor to other area.

Just Sanseong Rice Wine or Busan is designated as native liquor among many rice wines of Korea. Sanseon Rice Wine has unique taste because it is made in Mt. Gumjeong (450m) that is the end of the south of Teabeak Ridge. Origin of Sanseong Rice Wine is 30 households residing in mountain within downtown.
Although origin of Sanseong Rice Wine is not clear, it was originated from fire-field farmers who used yeast as the means of life. It became known widely as alien visited much when constructing The Fortress Wall of Mt. Gumjeongfor preventing Japanese invasion in the 32nd year of King, Sukjong (1706). It was said that laborers who extracted for constructing castle as attracted by taste of the rice wine so they missed this taste after they went back to their hometown.

After that, Sanseong Rice Wine was distributed in the nation. Its famous was great so it was moved to Japan and Manchuria in Japanese imperialism. Specially, in Japanese imperialism, the rice wine was known more widely so rice cost of Busan, Donglae and eastern part of Gyeongsangnam-do depended on the amount of yeast in Sanseong. From 1960, it was controlled by government as home-brewed wine due to policy to prohibit making yeast but village people maintained its existence while avoiding government's eye.
It was designated as Folk Liquor N0.1 after traditional folk liquor system was established in 1980
Sanseong village is good for resting place during summer because its temperature is lower than level land by 4 C. Sanseong Rice Wine having history of 250 years is widely known in the nation so it is regarded as special product with roasted black goat. When it comes to Sanseong Rice Wine, its taste is good if it is made of native kind of wheat that its crust is thick.
Due to natural park positioned in the entrance of village and its position located in clean valley and forest, this village is suitable for the village of native liquor.

Production Method
Native liquor of The Fortress Wall of Mt. Gumjeongis produced by traditional method and traditional instrument. Wash wheat with clear of Mt. Gumjeong, crash it and trample it and then insert it to frame of yeast, make circular form, insert it to nu ruk zib, the place to make yeast, and make yeast in inside temperature of 48~50 C.
If mold exists in yeast, open window and get rid of mold. It takes about 15 days for destroying yeast and making mold. Store in storage tank after mixing crashed yeast, go du bak made of rice and water. In this time, the rate is rice of 140g, yeast of 80g and water of 10 mal. In case of go du bak, get rid of lump and store in the temperature of over 20 C. After one day, liquor is finished. It takes one week to filter finished liquor. After one week, liquor is put on the market.

If visitor enters into Sanseong village, unique flavor of liquor lures them. If he drinks rice wine sold in the shade of tree with acorn-starch jelly and Welsh onion cake, he can enjoy nature while being drunken by liquor and taste. Quality of yeast of Sanseong Rice Wine is the best in country and it is made of mountain water. Its dim flavor and savory taste is really good.

Efficacy and Effect
- Protein, calcium, iron content, essential amino-acid (essential amino-acid for child such aslysine and arginine) and unsaturated fatty acid (oleic acid and linolenic acid)
- It is effective for growth of growing child, prevention of bone disease and anemia of climacteric woman and recreation and robustness of people
-It is the side dish of vegetable food such as sesame oil and Welsh onion pickled and is healthy food having an effect for preventing circular system disease such as high blood pressure and arterial sclerosis through decreasing amount of cholesterol in blood, tridlyceride and LDL cholesterol
- According to oriental medical book, it is the food for making beautiful skin and convalescence after childbirth and has an effect to help lactation after childbirth.

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