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Gyechon Village
Gyechon Makggolli (Rice Liquor)

Gyechon specialties are produced in a clean natural environment with fresh air, clean water, and the best elevation for the human biorhythm.

Some people say that Makggolli dates back to the period of Gochosun or the oldest Dynasty of Korea. During this period, people performed religious services in the autumn with newly harvested crops for the god of agriculture in appreciation for another harvest. The altar was prepared with rice cakes made of new grains, liquor and beef.

People believed they learned farming skills from gods, so the ritual was called Shinnongje (Shinnongje - religious service for the God of Agriculture). After the ritual, people made a soup with the cow that was offered to the god without using any condiments. Only salt was added to the soup which was called Shinnongtang (Shinnongtang - soup for the God of Agriculture). The liquor that was put on the altar was called Shinnongju (Shinnongju - liquor for the god of Agriculture).

This liquor is similar to the current Makgolli. Probably, another name of Makgolli, Nongju, might have emerged from the ancient ritual.

Makgolli was once a representative Korean liquor. However, it is not welcome these days, and consumption of foreign liquors is on a sharp rise. It is sad to witness such a phenomenon especially since Makgolli is far richer in nutrients than other liquors of equal alcoholic content. Makgolli was sometimes drunk to forget hunger when no other food was available. That is, it was like a food. Among those enjoying longevity in Korea, many people love Makgolli. The Korea Nutrition Institute, affiliated with Korea University, found in its study "Effects of Makgolli on Animal Nutrition" that Makgolli richly contains 8 essential amino acids and vitamins B1 and B2, lowers cholesterol-a cause of geriatric diseases, and inhibits blood sugar reduction. Makgolli also contains 0.8% organic acid that alleviates thirst and promotes a healthy metabolism. The organic acid is probably the key to the relationship between Makgolli and longevity. Those enjoying longevity eat foods rich in organic acid.
Gyechon Makgolli has an outstanding taste because it is made with the village's very own first-class water supply. As traditional liquor carrying the joys and sorrows of the Korean people, Gyechon Makgolli will gratify your nostalgia for your home town, with the most unique Korean taste and emotion.

  For purchasing : Gyechon Brewery (033-333-4615)

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