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[ Alcohol ]
[Gaedo Rice Wine]
The name of Gaedo was originated from the surroundings in which the wide mountain embraces the town. "Gae (蓋)" in Chinese character means "to embrace" or "to cover", and "Do" simply means an island. T...
[Duryun Smurf village ]
It is closely made pure-grain distilled wine made out of the spring water (springing from yellow earth) sourcing from 9 valleys and 9 streams of magnificent Duryun Mountains and the clean rice produce...
[bonghwang hwangto village]
The pears produced in Naju are relatively soft and refreshingly crunch, so are well-known as Naju Pears. The pear juice made out of Naju Pears has subtle scent and coolly clears the body and mind.
[Sanseong Village]
Rice wine, Sanseong Rice Wine that was made for soldiers during the period to construct The Fortress Wall of Mt. Gumjeongin 16 century was encouraged as local indigenous product by president, Jeong-He...
[Yangdong Folk Village]
Chungju is usually made during winter time(November ~ March) when the air is cold and clean. Yeast fungus and alchohol yeast grow when adding yeast and water to steamed rice and leaving it for a few d...
[Gariwangsan Village]
This is a functional low-alcoholic drink with alcohol concentration 15% made from Rosa davurica pallas mainly. (40% also kept)
[Wine-mellowing Village]
Deoduck is traditionally treated as a good food having medical effects. In the Herb Medicine, Deoduck is called “Yang-You” or “Sa-sam”, one kind of Insam(Jinseng), because it has similar medical virtu...
[Pocheon Mushroom Village]
Pochun rice makuly is characteristic of mild and deep taste from the 100% rice. It was spoken the best of by Kim Jeonil, the leader of North Korea, out of 30 Makuly sent to him in 2000. To make it the...
[Wondong orchard Village]
Ancestors in Jeonju used to brew special wine, called Likangjoo, with clean water from the beautiful mountain. Likangjoo, in which the clearness is soaked out of the pear, the ginger protects the liv...
[Gyechon Village]
Gyechon specialties are produced in a clean natural environment with fresh air, clean water, and the best elevation for the human biorhythm.
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