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Sobaek Mountains

Yew Tree Groups: San 59-1, Eouigok-ri, Gagok-myeon, Danyang

Distribution: 37 acres Estimated ages: 200∼500 years

Certification: Virgin Forest of Rare Trees

Appointment Date: 1973. 6. 20

Records : -1,779 Samples in 81ha Protected Natural Forest

1,524 Samples: 56ha in San 9-1, Cheon-dong, Danyang
95 Samples: 20ha in San 7-1, Suchon, Danyang
180 Samples: 5ha in San 59-1, Eouigok-ri, Gagok
1.999 Samples: 15ha in 59-1, Eouigok-ri, Gagok

Distribution of Yew Trees: They grow in the western slope of Sobaek Mountain Ranges (1,200~1,400m above sea level) in groups of 100. As they are shielding the winds of highlands, most of them grow to be about 7m high. The circumferences of the trees vary, but the branches are stretched to all directions facing down from about 2m-high heights. The severely windy climate is the reason why the trees are too short and the trees are similar to broad pines. As their lumbers were widely used for the furniture for palaces in the old times, they have become very popular.

The yew trees grow with cherry trees, Wikstroemia trichotoma, Cornus controversa Hemsley, A.mandshuricum Maxim, Acer mono Max, Prunus padus L and Q. mongolica along with Weigela florida,
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