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Nam-myeon Horticulture Team is producing quality roses in Koreas greatest glass greenhouses and automated plastic greenhouses.  This place grows roses, as well as tulips, cyclamen, etc.


What is Horticulture?
Horticulture refers to all plants that are grown for decorative purposes.  Also called decorative plants, horticulture used to imply herbal plants.  These days, all plants grown for decoration are referred to as horticulture.  Horticulture is roughly classified into two types: field-grown and greenhouse-grown.



Roses refer to all dicotyledonous plants of the Rosaceae family.  Wild species originated from West Asia and are grown in the polar region, subpolar region, temperate region, and tropical region of the northern hemisphere.  Currently, natural hybrids and improved species are cultivated for decoration.


Tulips are perennials that bloom in April or May.  Originated from South Europe and Asia, tulips are very beautiful and elegant garden plants.  


Cyclamen is a type of Primulaceae from
Syria.  Grown for over 300 years since the 16th Century, it naturally grows from the Mediterranean to Central Europe.  The leaves grow at the end of long, thick petioles and are shaped like hearts.  The flowers bloom from November to March of the thick petioles and are shaped like hearts.  The flowers bloom from November to March of the following year.  One flower blooms facing down at the tip of every stalk.
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