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Aspidistra elatior

Aspidistra elatior

One leaf is grown out of each joint, and the underground root spreads aside.  The leaf is full-sized and the color is dark green.  Its shape is oval with the length of 30~50cm, and when it is young, it is covered with a leaf that looks like scales.  The flower blooms in April ~ May, and a single flower blooms at the end of the stalk which is 2~7cm long.  The flower color is similar to dark purple, and there are 8 stamens and a pistilm which looks like an umbrella.


The perianth looks like a bell and is divided into 8 pieces.  The pieces are in triangular shape, the inside is dark purple and there is a spot outside which is in the same color.  The fruit is berries shaped like a ball and the color is green but it becomes yellow as it ripens.  Its leaves are cultivated through flower arrangement and the whole plant is classified as a foliage plant.  It is distributed in Korea (Jeju Island, Geoje Island) and China.


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Aspidistra elatior
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