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wolpyeong flower village

Jeju Island not only has heavenly natural environment, but also is an optimum place to grow lilies. Jeju Island's lilies cultivated in clean waters and soils are always bright, fresh and fragrant.  In particular, Oriental Lilies and Asian Lilies cultivated in modernized and automated ultramodern glass greenhouses are high quality and are exported to Japan.   

Western Orchid
Jeju Island has subtropical warm climates, but also has highlands of Halla Mountains rising 1,950m above sea level.  Therefore, it is called the center of plants with pure air and clean groundwater.  Using this heavenly environment, Cymbidium is grown by enhancing the growth of natural flowers for bright colors and high quality.  

Cultivated in modernized and automated ultramodern glass greenhouses, Western Orchids have more than 100 species including the recent species and are exported to Japan and China.  



It is a perennial flower of Compositae Family.  It is an improved form of wild flowers that originated from Transvaal, South Africa.  The leaves grow from the roots and are oval shapes.  30~60cm-long flower stem sprouts from between the leaves to bloom flowers with 8~12m diameters.  The flowers bloom from May to November.  

Gerbera cultivated in greenhouses are not only beautiful, but also various in colors and bloom throughout the year in room temperatures above 0℃.  With bright and various colors, they are widely used for congratulatory garlands.

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