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Muan Palbangmiin village
Great Yellow Earth

Yellow Earth

Our Muan Yellow Earth is weathered sediments of granite, granite gneiss and porphyry of red, yellow and yellowish red colors. Muan is composed of more than 70% (14.194ha) of yellow earth, especially by the coastline.

As recent findings scientifically proved that yellow earth is great for human body, Jeollanam Province Agricultural Technology center analyzed the substances of yellow earth and found great amount of Germanium average of 1.43㎖/㎏ (1.96~0.30).

Also, the contents of copper (2.3㎎/㎏) and zinc (19.9㎎/㎏) that cause heavy metal contamination were less than minimum requirement, so it is known as clean soil. Therefore, the productions from this land are proven to be cleaner and more environmentally-friendly than other farm products. Also, our yellow earth contains various minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin (B1) to be recognized as Korea's premium yellow earth.

< Substances of Yellow Earth > (Unit : ㎎/㎏)
Manganese Iron Copper Zinc Molybdenum Germanium
97.2 70.9 2.3 19.9 2.5 1.43

Characteristics of Yellow Earth Farm Products

Relatively pollution-free food compared to the products of other regions
Firstly, fresh oceanic wind and salty atmosphere prevent the diseases
Secondly, clean groundwater prevent diseases caused by poor-quality water
Thirdly, unique scent of sulfur kills bacteria and germs
Fourthly, prevents and treats adult diseases of modern people who eat excessive meat

Introduction of Yellow Earth Farm Products

< Yellow Earth Onion >
- Distribution: throughout the year
- Producer: Environmentally-friendly Vegetables Producers' Committee
- Characteristics and Efficacies
  • Biggest producer in Korea (Produces 20% of all productions)
  • Abundant selenium prevents and treats cancer
  • Yellow pigment of outer layer prevents adult diseases such as high blood pressure
  • Good for skin care and anti-aging

< Yellow Earth Garlic >
- Distribution: throughout the year
- Producer: Environmentally-friendly Vegetables Producers' Committee
- Characteristics and Efficacies
  • Juicy and unique scent, hot taste and nutritional
  • Enhances health and stamina
  • Prevents adult diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes)
  • Skin care (treats discoloration, freckles and wrinkles)
  • Prevents cold (allicin), Peptic

< Yellow Earth Sweet Potato >
- Distribution: Sep ~ Mar
- Producer: Environmentally-friendly Sweet Potatoe Producers' Committee
- Characteristics and Efficacies
  • First no-chemical certification in Korea
  • Sweet, bright color, good preservation: popular nationwide
  • Premium organic fertilizer (fish bones, oil cake)
  • Organic Farm Product Quality Certification in 2004

< Yellow Earth Chinese cabbage >
- Distribution: Nov ~ Dec
- Producer: Dalguji Farm
- Characteristics and Efficacies
  • Sweet and dense cabbage. Goldgreen specie cultivated with almost no chemical
  • Yellow Earth Farm with abundant Germanium. Sweet cabbage grown in the oceanic winds of Yellow Sea and cleaned with clean groundwater and natural salt for sanitation and no bitter taste.
  • Profit Support Program from Women's Farm Industry Association of 2002 established Salt Cabbage factory, Urban dwellers' experience event held every year

< Yellow Earth Watermelon >
- Distribution: Jul ~ Sep
- Producer: Suyang Watermelon Producers' Committee
- Characteristics and Efficacies
  • Gourd watermelons combining gourd and watermelons produced 330,000 acre-wide greenhouses.
  • Sweet and preserved 10 days longer than other watermelons

< No-chemical Broccoli (King of Vegetables) >
- Distribution: Winter ~ early Spring
- Producer: Song-Ja Go
- Characteristics and Efficacies
  • First no-chemical certification in Muan
  • Abundant carcinostatic substance called sulforaphane
  • helps urination, heart, heart diseases, unbalanced metabolism
  • Contains Vitamin C 3 times more than cauliflower, 4 times more than cabbage, 13 times more than asparagus and 27 times more than lettuce

< Bright Color Chrysanthemum > - Distribution: Winter, Summer
- Producer: Suyang Chrysanthemum Producers' Committee
- Characteristics and Efficacies

Muan Chrysanthemum grown in yellow earth has consistent lifespan and size of flowers and maintains the freshness of cut flowers longer and the color of the flower throughout. It is known for beautifully colored flowers.

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